Kate’s Teenage Bedroom Makeover


Prior to having Chet I was employed as an Interior Design Consultant. I was lucky enough to have 2 years of maternity leave but recently I decided not to go back to fulltime work. Even though my heart was still very much in love with interiors,  I wasn’t ready to leave Chet for 40hours a week, so pursuing my own career path became a clearer option for our family. It has been tough trying to juggle work life and home life but I feel confident I will adapt in time.

Today I want to show you my first complete ‘solo’ project/installation. Narelle and Andrew contacted me and wanted to entirely redecorate Kate (their daughter’s) bedroom for her 15th Birthday on Tuesday. I was so excited because I rarely got to do teenage bedrooms at my old job (in display homes the bedrooms are generally designed around families with young children) so I was eager to specify and install this teenage bedroom for Kate as a complete surprise.

Below is my concept mood board that I created for Narelle and Andrew.

narelle1.jpgWe had a budget of $2000 which included:

Paint and professional painters || Paint colours listed below from Dulux

Double Bed || Shop Here

Desk || Shop Here

Chair || Shop Here

Tallboy || Shop Here

Curtains and rail/ brackets || Shop Here

Icelandic Sheepskin || Shop Here

Wall Hooks || Shop Here

Mandala Wall Print || Shop Here

Cest La Vie Print || Shop Here

3x Frames || Shop Here

2x Leather Strap Shelves || Shop Here

Cord Pendant Light || Shop Here

Ceiling Pendant Light || Ikea

Mirror || Shop Here

Bed linen || Adairs (last season sorry)

Knot Cushion  || Shop Here

Decor and accessories || Various Stores

Rabbit Lamp || Shop Here

Notebook and stationary || Kmart and Officeworks

Literally the only thing we kept from the existing room was the double mattress. We ended up sourcing some great product for reasonable prices and I think the room came together really well considering.

Before Images-



The skeleton of the room was gorgeous. Large in size, beautiful natural light, lovely view from the second floor, built in wardrobes, wall detailing, new carpet etc. All it needed was some fresh paint and an overhaul of everything in it. I chose, Dulux Lexicon Quarter for the top half of the wall colour as well as the wall trim, skirting boards and wardrobe doors. The bottom half of the wall colour I chose Dulux Tranquil Retreat Quarter. What a difference a coat of paint makes…. it instantly transformed the entire room!!

Using a crisp white and complimenting cool grey shade really helped give the room a fresh new look.


We used Kmart sheets and their Waffle Quilt Cover to keep the budget down in areas which weren’t key items. Then we bought some on trend feature linen from Rebecca Judd Loves range at Adairs.  The design name is called ZEPHYR however it is now sold out online. I picked Kate’s up instore at a heavily discounted price and they had quite a few left so it may be worth a phone call to your nearest store.


A desk was an absolute must for Kate as she is approaching the back end of high school. Shelves and storage were also important to hide clutter and text books. We ditched the concept of ‘needing’ a bedside table and placed the desk next to the bed instead. It is a great height and Kate has access to her lamp on the other side of the bed. See below.


The Wall Hooks from The Wall Collective act as a feature to hang Kate’s new pendant lamp from Cheeky Reubens. The pendant has a switch on the cord, that I have looped conveniently to turn on and off. I love this idea instead of using a typical table lamp or night light.


I was also told in our initial discussion of Kate’s likes and dislikes, that she loves animals so when I found this Heico Rabbit Lamp from Little Lola Boutique I knew I had to put one in the new room. These are definitely not just for children- heck I’d have one in my room if it fit the theme haha… You can probably also spy my absolute favourite trinket to style in vignettes… the faceted clay bowls from Miss Kelly Made in Tasmania are incredible and so versatile. Pat was so kind to make them in complimenting colours for Kate.


We used this tall boy from Fantastic Furniture to keep costs down and I’m actually really impressed by the quality. Usually I am a quality snob but the design looks a lot more expensive than it is.


The last thing to complete was to style Kate’s new Interior Motive shelves. I love how the natural blush leather ties in with the rest of the decor and the shelves house some gorgeous knick knacks.

A huge thank you to Olive Et Oriel who customised the Cest La Vie and Mandala print to match the colour scheme and Scandikid for sourcing the most amazing white Icelandic sheepskin. You’re both awesome.

Well I’m exhausted but over the moon that we created a magical teenage retreat on a $2000 budget. If you have any questions of where to find other featured items please leave a comment below. As always I would love to hear what you think of the room design and piccies.

Lastly, If you would like to book a room makeover please feel free to email me for more details.

Have a lovely evening,

Much love,

T xx

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Tarina Lyell

Just an ordinary, creative girl who is interior obsessed and crazy about her little family.

26 thoughts on “Kate’s Teenage Bedroom Makeover

  1. Hi Tarina,

    Wow! Wow! Wow! You are talented girl!

    I’d love to know more about your room design packages please for our master and guest bedrooms in our new home.

    Thanks so much, Taleah

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi. I am so in love with your style you are doing a great job. I wanted to ask regarding price please. I have an 11 year old boy who’s room needs doing up. He has his bed and desk but need help with the styling . So what do you charge for that please ??

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  3. I loved the room!! It’s beautiful.
    Just wanted to know where you could get some of the pieces on the shelves like the little jars.


    1. Aw thank you!
      Bottom shelf- the small pink vase, pencil holder (is a toothbrush holder) and the dusty blue vase are from Bed Bath and Table. The white canister with wooden lid is from Kmart and the wooden pencils are from officeworks 🙂

      Top Shelf- wooden figure is from Ikea, Diamond is from RawLuxeInteriors, metal cube is country road and the 2 pink and white vases were from GoGo furniture in perth 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Just gorgeous!! Love the pastel colours!!
    You are very talented lovely!! 🙂
    I would love to know what programme you used to create your moodboard if you don’t mind me asking 🙂 It looks so cool.


  5. Wow I love this room! You have inspired me to change up my room. Even tho you didn’t use the side table where did you get it from? And is that a throw blanket or bed runner? X


    1. Hi Tamara. The bed runner is actually a Queen size quilt cover folded up. The side table is from pottery barn kids and it’s called the Modern Spindle Side Table. It’s an adult/ regular height, just sold in a kids store 🙂
      Tarina x


  6. This is such a beautiful room, you have a lovely flair for design! i
    I was just wondering, where is that second geometric print from, next to C’est la Vie?
    It’s stunning!
    Brianna x

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi, I’m a 22yo girl from Quebec, Canada and i’m SO inspired by your style. My boyfriend and I are building our first home and I will certainly inspire my home decor from yours. This is absolutly beautiful.


  8. Hi Tarina, I love these interior motive shelves and have just gone to order them online and notice the two different depths. Did you use the medium which is 13.5cm or the large which is 18cm deep in this room. I absolutely love this room!! You do such a fantastic job 🙂


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