5 EtsyAu Stores You’ll Love


Hey Everyone,

If you follow me closely on Instagram, you would have seen me posting about some of the loveliest products I have recently found on Etsy Au. There are so many incredible creatives on there and I searched for days/ weeks finding beautiful pieces for our master bedroom before committing to orders. Sorry guys this isn’t a master bedroom ‘tour’ but I thought it would be cool to share the love and show you all some extremely talented Aussie small businesses. To make things fun, I’ll also provide direct links to various home decor products I think you will fall in love with.

I’m such a sucker for linen, textiles and decor because they can completely transform the look and feel of a room. I really enjoyed shopping on Etsy Au because most of the products are handmade and often one of a kind. I especially love seeing tiny imperfections in the ceramic products. It makes them unique and it’s also great to have some gorgeous decor that you know cannot be replicated by huge budget retailers! There are actual faces and families behind the brand you’re supporting, which is such a satisfying feeling. Lastly, the quality of everything delivered exceeded my expectations ten fold and I can only put it down to the creators having so much passion for their work.

Anyway I think that’s enough ramble, now I’ll show you some cool Etsy AU stores…

Much Love

T xx

House of Baltic Linen

Fine Linen Merchants. Melbourne, VIC.

Store website: Here

Instagram: Here

House of Baltic Linen.png

Rose quartz linen duvet cover || Shop Here

Ivory linen waffle coverlet || Shop Here

Silver grey linen fitted sheet || Shop Here

Lilac linen waffle pillow slips || Shop Here


Lavallier Emporium

Handmade porcelain homewares. Melbourne, VIC

Store website: Here

Instagram: Here

lavallier copy.png

Porcelain dinner plate 22k gold rim || Shop Here

Ceramic mug 22k gold rim || Shop Here

Ceramic bowl large 22k gold rim || Shop Here

Porecelain soy candle 22k gold rim || Shop Here


Ni Ni Creative

Designer cushions and bags. Melbourne, VIC

Store website: Here

Instagram: Here


Stitched sapphire square cushion || Shop Here

Round tan leather cushion || Shop Here

Round charcoal leather cushion || Shop Here

Leather / cream textured rectangle cushion || Shop Here


Louise M Studio

Handmade porcelain homewares. Sydney, NSW.

Store website: Here

Instagram: Here


Soft series dish peach || Shop Here

Soft series dish sapphire || Shop Here

Soft series dish vanilla || Shop Here

Soft series dish musk || Shop Here


Urban Cartel

Contemporary porcelain. Melbourne, VIC.

Store website: Here

Instagram : Here


Organic entree plate || Shop Here

Porcelain cloud dish || Shop Here

Copper scallop large bowl || Shop Here

Porcelain vase || Shop Here

fall copy.png



Cute Baby/Kid’s Knits


Happy hump day everyone,

With autumn fast approaching and the rainy days (including flash flooding) Perth experienced last week it got me thinking about warmer garments for Chet. Last year I bought a bunch of woolen knits and was a little annoyed at myself for buying so many when our winter here in Australia is not that cold. Unfortunately he outgrew them really quickly, so this year I am aiming at buying cotton knit garments instead. Cotton is lightweight, but still warm enough to keep our babes toasty throughout the cooler months.

I found a beautiful brand called Zulunar based in Sydney, who create gorgeous 100% cotton knitted garments for babies and toddlers. To be honest, I was initially looking for a new cuddle blanket but soon realised they also stock matching beanies and cardigans. Eeeek! Who doesn’t love a baby/ toddler in an adorable and coordinating outfit? I grabbed one of each (not making last years mistake) and we loooove them. I’m super happy and Chet seems really comfortable in his new cardi.

I have put together 2 of my favourite looks from the Zulunar website below. I would really recommend anyone who is wanting to invest in some quality knitted pieces for their little love, to have a squizz at these shopping links.


  1. Cable Knit Luxury Cotton Blanket || Caramel || Shop Here
  2. Wave Knit Luxury Cotton Blanket || Antique White || Shop Here
  3. Wave Knit Luxury Cotton Beanie || Oatmeal || Shop Here
  4. Wave Knit Luxury Cotton Cardigan || Oatmeal || Shop Here


  1. Cable Knit Luxury Cotton Blanket || Indigo Marle || Shop Here
  2. Wave Knit Luxury Cotton Blanket || Grey Marle || Shop Here
  3. Wave Knit Luxury Cotton Beanie || Indigo Marle || Shop Here
  4. Wave Knit Luxury Cotton Cardigan || Indigo Marle || Shop Here

I have always found sweet boys clothing hard to find so I’m glad I came across this beautiful store before Chet grew out of size 2. He is 2 and a half years old and is in between a size 2 and 3 (wearing size 2 below) so the sizing for us is spot on at the moment. The bonus part is that cotton washes a tonne better than wool so these pieces will be stashed away when Chet grows out of them for our future baby (who has not been conceived yet lol.)

It’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m off to bake my own cupcakes with Chet. I said it yesterday but I’ll say it again- We are dying for Shaun to come home next week.

Happy Shopping!

Much love,

T xx






Scandinavian Inspired Wall Art


Happy Tuesday.

First of all I’m going to apologise for the damage you’re about to do on your debit/credit cards haha. Sorryyyyy! I recently discovered an amazing store called Desenio that I think Aussies deserve to know about. They sell incredible home decor prints with strong Scandinavian influences that are both affordable and beautiful quality.

I received my two ‘Dancer’ prints a couple of weeks ago to hang in our theatre room and I adore them. The paper and printing quality is really impressive, especially for such large images. I also got 2x Desenio black frames because my ikea ones were warping in shape and these ones have a much better opening and closing system (in comparison.) The backing has multiple swivel clips that lock into a groove on the frame. I did a little happy dance when I saw them because I hateeee those bendy pins that break your nails!!! I’ll include a picture of the opening/ closing system towards the end of this post so you can see how much easier they are.

It took me a few days to choose these prints because there were so many designs that I loved. Some of the print categories include photographic, fashion, kids, quotes, nature, abstract etc and each design comes in a great range of sizes- perfect for gallery walls. My favourite category is the photographic art and it is clear to see why… The landscapes are breath taking and there are also a some gorgeous model prints available in this category.

Below, I will list my top 10 prints from the Desenio website. Eventually I would love to buy all of them to create a Scandinavian inspired gallery wall in my office. Don’t they work so beautifully together? Feel free to follow the links to view each one and there may also be a sneaky 25% off discount code at the end of the list.


  1. Dancer One || Shop Here
  2. Dancer Three || Shop Here
  3. Dreamer B+W || Shop Here
  4. Cloud || Shop Here
  5. Mountain Tops || Shop Here
  6. Serene || Shop Here
  7. Black Stallion || Shop Here
  8. Skeleton Leaf || Shop Here
  9. Kate Moss- Life is a Joke || Shop Here
  10. Ocean || Shop Here

Yay! Let the shopping begin… but not before I give you the magical password. The 25% off codeword is:


The sale starts now and is valid until the 9th of February (7th-9th Feb 2017.) Excludes clips, hangers and premium prints.

Have a lovely day.

Much love,

T xx





This blog post is a proud collaboration between Desenio and Oh Eight Oh Nine.


Top 10 Kid’s Beds


Happy weekend everyone,

One of my goals for the blog this year is to write a lot more. Sometimes life gets chaotic and drafts get put on the back burner but when I get in my element, I find it really relaxing. Today, I want to share a bunch of children’s beds that I adore at the moment… All 10 of them.

A bed is one of the biggest investment pieces you will buy when decorating your child’s bedroom so it needs to be versatile and comfortable. It also needs to encourage sleep and relaxation but lets be honest here… it also needs to look cool lol. Below I have listed 10 of my favourite designs, which are available to purchase in Australia.

First up is the Oliver Furniture bed available at Design Stuff Group. Need I say more? This bed has a strong Scandinavian design, being simple yet stylish AF. The white surround and contrasting oak legs literally make this children’s bed by far my favourite. Additional extras include a security bed rail and trundle (because who doesn’t love extra storage.)

|| Shop Here ||


Next up is the stunning Mini Soho bed from Bed Nest. I love the cozy feeling that upholstered beds give to a children’s space, especially when paired with soft linen and cushions. There are a bunch of fabric colours to choose from and with this in mind, you can have a lot of fun designing a bed to suit your little one’s personality.

|| Shop Here ||


Ahh, the Oeuf River Bed available at Urban Baby Shop! So gorgeous and I can say this with confidence because this is the bed I bought for Chet. It comes in either Birch/ White or Walnut/White and has the complimenting bedroom furniture to match. The little bench seat at the bottom is a huge hit in our home and we have already created some beautiful memories cuddling in here.

|| Shop Here ||


The Crescent Bed is the product of a gorgeous collaboration between Peony Home and Belinda Kurtz from Petite Interior Co. The shape of this bed head is simple, but it also makes a great (and super fun) statement, especially with the contrast piping. There are 4 colours to choose from (in both the frame and piping) so it can be customised for either a lucky little boy or girl.

|| Shop Here ||

Crescent Bed Girls - Main 153.png

OMG, I adore this bed. I would buy it in a heartbeat (right now) if I had the room to put it… Maybe it’s time to clear out some space yeah? It’s the London Day Bed from Byron Bay Hanging Chairs styled beautifully in the home of Live Loud Girl. It’s unique and super versatile, which is perfect for growing children… and growing personalities.

|| Shop Here ||

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

All the heart eyes for this Brittany Bed from Early Settler, styled in the home of Blonde and Bone. If you want a sweet, girly bed with rustic charm, this is the bed for your little love. Even 5 year old me would have appreciated the gorgeous carved detailing.

|| Shop Here ||


The Fenwick Headboards from Heatherly Designs are super fun and super dooper cute. You can really let your imagination run wild with these because you can choose both the fabric and cross stitch colours. The best thing about customising a piece of furniture is that it will reflect your children’s personality and it becomes a feature piece in the room.

|| Shop Here ||


On the topic of customising, the Knect4 bed from Mubu Home is another one of my faves. It has a Birch Ply frame and comes in 5 colour options. Birch/White, Birch/Nude, Birch/Latte Grey, Birch/Dusty Blue and all Birch. Gah, so many ‘birch’ words in one sentence but it is a gorgeous looking material that looks great in children’s bedrooms.

|| Shop Here ||


Oooo this is a bed head I am dying to use in a kid’s bedroom. The Palm Springs headboard from Family Love Tree gives such a calm and grounded presence. It could be played up with earthy boho colours or styled effortlessly with calming neutrals. This design can easily be made less ‘adult’ with some fun pom poms and a vibrant Moroccan rug, but can also adapt well into your child’s teenage years.

|| Shop Here ||


Last but not least Plyroom– I absolutely adore everything these guys create. Their designs are understated and minimal yet, super stylish. Without intending this piece will become a feature piece within itself, especially if the bedding allows the frame and detailing to be visible. The Singolo design is versatile to suit either gender and will grow with your children well into their teenage years. Styled and photographed by me in the stunning home of Jenni Farr @designdevotee.

|| Shop Here ||


With all this chat of beds, I better jump into my own and get some shut eye… Then wake up tomorrow (I mean today it’s almost 1am argh) and have six coffees because I have both my nephews coming over for a play date with Chet.

Have a lovely Saturday.

Much Love,

T xx

It’s Time to Save


Good morning!

This year Shaun and I would like to either renovate our small family home or build a new one… Or both. Who knows. It got me thinking about finances and saving, blah blah blah. Saving sucks and I remember how hard it was to stick to the lifestyle changes we made, but the outcome (no matter what you’re saving for) is utterly rewarding. Today I’m going to share some of the ways we saved our deposit, in hope that other first home buyers may find it somewhat useful. I am completely aware that everyone’s financial situations are different and I am 100% not specialised in either budgeting or finance lollllll, but these pointers are changes we made a few years back. I am actually really excited to revisit them this year and start saving for our dream home.

First of all, it seems obvious but do your research on which banks have great home loan packages for first home buyers. Often first home buyers get so excited about the thought of building their own home that they start the process with looking at display homes ‘as a teaser.’ Just be aware that the sales assistants in these display homes are trained in selling and signing you up to build as quickly as possible with their company.

As a starting point I would recommend taking a look at People’s Choice Credit Union. They have a really impressive home loan package for first home buyers and have recently been named ‘CANSTAR’s 2016 First Home Buyer Customer Owned Institution Of The Year- SA.’ In celebration of this win they have a three- year Fixed Home Loan Package rate for first home buyers at 3.84%p.a. (comparison rate 4.86%p.a.) Cha Chinggg!


Use an online ‘savings’ and ‘borrowing’ calculator to determine a realistic budget. This will give you a rough indication at the types of homes and suburbs you can start looking at. You can find a savings calculator here and the borrowing calculator here.

Once Shaun and I figured out how much we could borrow and how much we needed to save I made some slight changes to our lifestyle. Here are 10 ways in which we did that:

  1. I made our major bills direct debit. eg $20 for each utility bill came out of my account every week which covered our usage for the year. Now that we have rates to pay for, I have bumped it up so we don’t need to fork out any extra money (unless we use a tonne more water than usual.)
  2. Online food shopping can really help when you want to save some extra coin because you only search for the items on your list. You’re not tempted by the chocolate specials and if you have kids, you don’t have to buy them bribes to be angel children.
  3. On that note, buy in bulk so you don’t have to shop as frequently. Guaranteed each trip to the grocery store, you will grab sometime you don’t really need.
  4. Make enough dinner for left overs to take to work/ have for lunch.
  5. Cut out some luxuries (it won’t be forever.) For me I started painting my nails instead of going to the salon and Shaun stopped drinking beer for ages. Both saved a tonne of money.
  6. Clear out the old. You will want to decorate a new home with gorgeous new furniture and homewares, so clear out the old and sell the items worth getting money for. I sold some of our old unwanted items on Gumtree, eBay and I even gathered up my friends for a Swapmeet.
  7. Car pool. I lived close by to a colleague and good friend of mine, so we took it in turns taking each other to work. I saved so much in petrol money because we lived 45mins away from our workplace.
  8. Go through your insurances and bills. Often you can save money when reviewing your car / contents insurance or private health care.
  9. Manage your debts efficiently and set up your direct debits the day after payday.
  10. This isn’t for everyone, but we had a tenant come and stay at our rental, which helped so much with our rent payments. Shaun was working fifo and our other 3 rooms were being wasted space so we had a really lovely guy come and stay with us (who was also fifo.) …Pretty much he paid half of our rent and was only there 1 out of 3 weeks.

These slight adjustments helped speed up the savings process and get us into our first home quicker. By biggest piece of advice is pretty obvious, do your research! Especially when it comes to lenders. It’s such a huge commitment and ideally you want to make the right decision regarding your finances. If you need any help understanding how the process of applying for a home loan package works or want to read further into the rates, this first home buyers guide is really helpful.

Now it’s time to practice what I preach and start saving for some exciting projects in 2017.

Have a lovely week!

Much love,

T xx


This post is in collaboration with People’s Choice Credit Union, however all thoughts, experiences and opinions are my own.

Terms, conditions, fees, charges and lending criteria apply and are available on application.*To be eligible for a Home Loan Package, you must have minimum borrowings of $150,000 and your pay must be deposited into a People’s Choice account. The comparison rate is current as at 14 December 2016 and is subject to change without notice. Home Loan Rate available for first home buyers only (each borrower on the loan must have never previously owned a residential property (either separately or jointly with another person)). Investment Loans are excluded from this offer. After the fixed period, loan reverts to applicable Variable Home Loan Package rate at the time, determined by total home lending balance. Current Variable Home Loan Package rate for $150,000 is 4.71%p.a., comparison rate 5.09%p.a. The comparison rate is based on a $150,000 loan over a 25 year term. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. You should consider our Product Disclosure Statement and/or other Disclosure Documents. This information and advice is provided without reference to your personal circumstances so you should consider whether this product fits your objectives, financial situation and needs. People’s Choice Credit Union, a trading name of Australian Central Credit Union Ltd, ABN 11 087 651 125 Australian Credit Licence (244310).

Hydrangea Magic



Hi everyone,

First of all I quickly want to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope 2017 brings you endless love, laughter and happiness. Thank you for all your support, comments and love throughout 2016.

I am still in holiday mode and way too chilled to post anything substantial, so today I want to share a little magic trick I just discovered to revive wilting hydrangea flowers. I was totally skeptical but the method worked so well- I had to take a few pictures to prove it.

These hydrangeas are like 11 days old. I have kept them in the fridge because Lee my florist is on holiday (how dare she have a break lol) and I wanted them to stay fresh for as long as possible. Refrigerating doesn’t stop them from drooping though so yesterday I tested the below.

  1. boil the kettle with fresh water
  2. re-cut the stem about an inch
  3. poke a hole through a plastic bag
  4. put the flowers in the bag with the stem exposed
  5. pour the boiling water into a heat resistant cup or bucket
  6. place the stem in the boiling water with the bag covering the petals (but not closed at the top.)
  7. leave them in there for as long as they need to hydrate
  8. take out and place in fresh water




in water.png


I only left mine in for about 20 minutes because I had limited time but the difference was very noticeable already. From what I read, an hour or two is a good amount of time to leave in the hot water. I’m not a florist by any means but this little technique did help boost my blooms. It’s definitely worth a try if you are a hydrangea lover like myself and want to prolong their beauty haha.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Much Love,

T xx

Florist || FLORALSTATE || Shop Here