Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is next Sunday eeeeeek! Seriously where has the year gone? Father’s Day to Shaun and I is special because it brings back so many incredible memories. I was in labour with Chet the entire day on Father’s Day (2 years ago) and birthed him in the early hours of Monday morning.

I planned Shaun’s gift this week but if you have left it to the last minute (like I usually do for all present buying occasions) here are some cool gift ideas for the trendy father’s in your lives. I have not included any DIY ‘children’s gifts to Daddy’ because there are so many cute ideas around, the post would go on forever. Oh and be warned, there is a really cheeky gift idea listed #9 which is solely for the purpose of you and your man to share. It may not be your kinda ‘thing’ but I found it rather entertaining and the prude in me was covering my eyes a little bit haha. Read more below.


  1. FOR THE FRAGRANCE LOVERS- Tom Ford Noir Eau De Toilette 50ml – $125 – http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/en/davidjones/tom-ford-noir-eau-de-toilette-50ml
  2. FOR THE SHOE OBSESSED- Nike Match Classic- $150 – http://store.nike.com/au/en_gb/pd/match-classic-shoe/pid-11056745/pgid-11397378
  3. FOR THE DAD’S WHO WEAR SEXY WATCHES- ‘Uniform Wares’ M37 PVD black/ tan leather watch – On sale $350 down from $500 – http://www.theblackwall.com.au/products/uniform-wares-m37-pvd-black-tan-nappa-leather
  4. FOR THE COOKING ENTHUSIASTS- Beer Plus Food by Ross Dobson – $37.75 – http://www.booktopia.com.au/food-plus-beer-ross-dobson/prod9781743365489.html?source=pla&gclid=CIKku5eM4s4CFQGZvAodtGQKkA
  5. FOR THE GOLFERS- Leather Tee Set – $44.95 – https://www.countryroad.com.au/shop/man/accessories/wallets-and-leather-goods/60198718-225/Leather-Tee-Set.html
  6. FOR THE LIQUOR DRINKERS – Teroforma Black Whisky rocks – $34.95 – http://www.myer.com.au/shop/mystore/teroforma-whisky-stones-black
  7. FOR THE GREEN THUMBS- Jade Plant’s are also known as the ‘Money Plant’ and are said to attract wealth and prosperity.
  8. FOR THE BEARDED, HOT AS HELL, LUMBERJACKS- Weirdy Beardy 100% Natural Beard Oil – $48 – https://weirdybeardy.com.au/product/the-raven-beard-oil/# and Shaving Cream – $39 – https://weirdybeardy.com.au/product-category/shave-cream/
  9. FOR THE KINKY COUPLES- I recently discovered a couple on Instagram Sally MustangΒ  and Mitch Gobel who creatively express themselves through narrations and visual images… *wait for it*… of their sexual encounters and relationship. It is VERY raunchy and I was literally giggling the entire time while reading the first story!!Β  I can guarantee it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but you can read the intros of the sex story before buying itπŸ˜‰ – http://www.sexisart.net/

Well pressies aside, I hope the Fathers in your lives feel appreciated and special next Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the women playing both the mumma and dadda roles in their child’s life.

Much love,

T xx


Chunky Knit Heaven


Happy Hump Day!!

I posted an image of my master bedroom last week with a gorgeous chunky knit from Nickel N Co draped over my bed and I was totally blown away by the response it received. It’s crazy that a key feature piece will change the look of your space dramatically and gain so much attention from new and avid followers.

I had a tonne of questions and comments regarding the blanket, where was it from (even though it was tagged in the caption and photo,) what colour it was etc etc. I stayed up until 2am that night replying to people😐 Nik also had an abundance of questions and people asking about her creation so I thought before posting another image this afternoon I would write about the stunner here, as well as share a FLASH SALE offer. Eep! You heard right. SALE!

There are pros and cons to investing in a woollen chunky knit blanket from ANY brand selling similar products. However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this Nickel N Co chunky knit throw. Below are some points to consider before investing in your dream blanket.


  • They are expensive… But they are a feature piece which (if bought from the right store) will be a beautiful keepsake item you have for years and years.
  • They are delicate- You have to be mindful that these are knitted by hand (obviously) and that any pulls or hard wearing will ruin the shape and the braids.
  • They will eventually pill- HOWEVER some store’s products will pill less than others. I can safely say that (in my experience) Nickel N Co’s blanket pill less than ones I have previously owned and photographed. In saying this, you cannot avoid pilling altogether because wool is a natural product.
  • Note- Please read the SIDS guidelines before styling ANY woollen product in your baby’s room.

Mine is the ‘OVERSIZE KNIT WOOLLEN THROW’ in light oatmeal. It is an older stocked colour and is slightly different to the new ‘light oatmeal’ so when selecting please look at Nik’s colour chart which is pretty spot on. If you’ve been crushing on one, Nik is kindly offering 15% off for 48HOURS ONLY when entering the code ‘oheightohnine’ at the checkout. Christmas is in less than 20 weeks so maybe give hubby the hard nudge tonight and if that doesn’t work bribe him with something he enjoysπŸ˜‰ There is a 2-3 week lead time because products are hand made to order. Offer valid worldwide until FRIDAY 10PM AWST.

Overall the nature of the product is delicate yet breathtakingly beautiful. I knew I needed to invest in one for our home even if I have to take care of it like a second child. I’m more than happy to cherish this beauty for a very, very long time- Chet stay away from mummy’s knitted peace of perfection pleaseeeeee.

Happy sale shopping!

Much Love

T xx




Deeper Into My Life


Good morning everyone!

Today I am opening up about the real reason why I joined Instagram and my experiences so far. It will probably be a long read but I would also love to open up the discussion so you can express your feelings in a non judgemental environment if desired.

Here is a bit of background info so everything makes sense. Hubby and I live a fifo (fly in fly out) lifestyle in Perth. Shaun has been working fifo for most of our relationship. We have been together for almost 8 years, we got married in 2013 and 2 weeks later Chet was conceived. Prior to maternity leave I was working as an interior design consultant. The company I was employed with specialises in designing, furnishing, installing and styling display homes, so my job was very creative.

I have always had a personal account (which lies dormant now) but I created @oh.eight.oh.nine shortly after Chet was born. Initially I created it because of a comment made to my husband about baby spamming. However deep down I knew that it was not the whole reason why.


When Chet was born on (oh eight oh nine – 08.09.2014) it was the most amazing day of my life. My heart was exploding with love. So. Much. Love! For both Shaun and the perfect little human we had created. Our tiny little darling had a full head of black hair, sucked his bottom lip, had a permanent frown crease on the bridge of his nose and looked of Asian decent. I was on cloud nine. How can life get any better? He was (and still is) the light of my life.

Then the dreaded baby blues set in. It was a scary time, tears stroll down my face right now thinking/ reliving it while writing this. I wanted to give this baby boy the best of everything but how could I do that when I had no idea, no experience and no confidence? I remember breaking down every time someone asked me these three words, “how are you?” I would reply, “good,” with tired eyes full of tears and then get told, “aww, it gets easier.” I thought at the time, it’s not going to get easier… My husband leaves for work in 2 weeks and I will be alone… I crumbled every time I thought about being on my own. I had plenty of friends and family to help but inside I felt like I would struggle doing it “by myself.”

So the week before Shaun left for work I told him that I needed to try and do everything by myself (as if he was at work already.) This helped me build a lot of confidence while still having emotional support from Hubby. A week came too quickly and I said a teary goodbye to my man. I drove off, with more tears (so many tears and hormones in the first few weeks) but I felt somewhat confident to mother our baby solo for the next two weeks.

The nights were hard and I could sense that if I didn’t make some drastic changes to our day-to-day life I was going to slip into a dark place, and fast because I was already feeling flat since giving birth.


I had to put some positive vibes back into my day and also take some ‘me time’ to revitalize when Chet was napping. I brainstormed some things that make me happy…. you heard right… me!!! I figured if I am not feeling great, Chet could sense it and then we’re both at a loss.

Some things on my list were friends and family, interiors, photography, fashion, reality tv, renovation shows, creating, designing, styling and of course my husband (but he was at work.) I had my friends over regularly and I started watching trashy television series instead of those boring infomercials and sex ads on at midnight. My go to series were the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. I know it sounds really lame but these got me through the tough nights (as well as the sight of our beautiful boy attached to my breast, feeding.)

Now to the day I joined Instagram as @oh.eight.oh.nine . I remember watching a renovation show during the day, with Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors on television and she recommended some stores on instagram. I signed up this new account and started following the stores she recommended. I purchased some bits and bobs for Chet’s room and I remember how excited I was about discovering this virtual world I’d never known about. I also entered competitions and participated in loop giveaways to discover new brands and try my luck at winning a prize.

I could feel my mind becoming less gloomy and more glittery. I wasn’t focusing on the lack of sleep I had, instead when Chet napped, I would style and photograph a vignette of one of my new purchases.. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed when Chet was awake and being his every need but I also looked forward to the tiny bit of ‘me time’ once a day. I noticed a huge difference in Chet’s behavior and he started sleeping through the night from 3.5 weeks old. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not- who knows.


So that was how it all began…

Now to my journey of being an instagrammer over the past 20months. It has been a blessing in countless ways. I have started a business, created an income so that I can stay home with Chet, made many amazing friendships, met one of my now best friends (Emelie, that’s you girlfriend,) been featured in a few magazines and articles, scored front cover of Adore Magazine, styled for some incredible small businesses as well as some national retailers, and the list goes on. But, yes there is a big but… I can now see that it has put some pressure on my marriage and I have also had conversations with other women who are experiencing the same thing.

I love my husband so damn much; I always have and always will. Anyone who knows me can second how much I adore him but the pressures of running a business with a baby/toddler, responding to emails, invoicing, maintaining my instagram account, replying to questions and comments in general have slowly taken a toll. It is so time consuming and to make everything harder I do not style or photograph anything when Chet is awake (unless he wants to sit down by himself and watch the wiggles.) This often means that I am up until midnight most nights packing orders and replying to emails. I try to ‘do less’ when Shaun is home but I can see that he feels neglected… and that thought alone breaks my heart.


Balance is such a hard thing to master and I certainly have a lot of work to do in that department. I would love to know how you managed to get a good balance between mum/wife/life/work. Is it even possible? Because to me it seems like I’ve been trying to find one for the past 2 years with no success. I guess life is an experience, a journey and I feel blessed to have Shaun and Chet in my life to call my family- my team!

We have to remember that instagram is a social media platform where images are carefully curated to display the most beautiful moments in our homes and lives.

Behind the facade and in plenty of homes behind closed doors there are soggy clothes in the washer from 3 days ago, unmopped floors, people suffering mentally, relationship breakdowns and everything else in between. I think it’s important to remember that your actions have implications on others and in my case I need to show my husband more often how much I really do love and appreciate him.

I’ll say goodbye with a few more tears and a heartfelt thank you for all your support in helping make my instagram journey (mostly) enjoyable. Feel free to openly discuss your experiences below- positive or negative – we’re all imperfect humans striving for love and happiness.

Much Love

T x



Colour Crush Continued


As promised last weekend, today’s blog post is the continuation of my mushroom/ lilac colour crush. This time I have put together a mood board based on our Master Bedroom design and created a shopping list for you to easily ‘shop the look.’

It has been well over a week and I’m still in love with these tones! That’s unusual for me… I generally change my mind on decor every half an hour but these hues are soft, romantic and cosy for winter.


As always, the overall colour scheme of the room is grey and white. This makes it easy to add splashes of colour in and take away when I want to redecorate. Pops of colour keep the room looking fresh and on seasonal trend.

‘Shop the look’ below with my easy to navigate shopping list.


  1. Quilted Linen Coverlet- $245- http://ohdeerdoe.bigcartel.com/products
  2. Light Reindeer Hide- $327- https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/JordHome?ref=l2-shopheader-name
  3. Velvet Penny Cushion- $49- http://www.cranmorehome.com.au/
  4. Linen cushion- $150- https://www.abodeliving.com/
  5. Concrete/ Glass Pendant- $169 each- http://www.beaconlighting.com.au/
  6. Watercolour Prints- $30 each- http://www.minigrandiartist.bigcartel.com/
  7. Le Sac En Papier- $18- http://immyandindi.com.au/
  8. Cotton Jersey Linen- Various Sizing- http://thejerseycompany.com/
  9. Spindle Side Table- $139- http://www.potterybarnkids.com.au/modern-spindle-side-table
  10. MENU candle holder- $140- http://neutralinstinct.com.au/
  11. Quilted Basket- $65- http://www.oon.net.au/

My fresh flowers are always purchased from the talented Lee at http://floralstate.com.au/

You may see some new brand names in the above list. I am always on the hunt for incredible small businesses and when I find jackpot I cannot withhold it from you. These are not sponsored posts and I am purely sharing the love because I adore their brands.


My first ‘new store find’ was lovely Gemma from Jord Home. Although based in the United Kingdom her cotton rugs and luscious hides are affordable and the quality is beyond beautiful. My favourite items from Gemma’s store are… hang on I have about 4 rugs and 2 hides- they’re all equally my favourite.

My second ‘new store find’ was Jo from Oh Deer Doe. Jo actually decided to change her business name from Bonneejo Baby because when I promoted the white quilted linen coverlet on my Master Bed a tonne of people flocked over to find a baby store. Yes. This coverlet is actually a single size quilt which I have used as a bed runner… and what a stunner it is!!!

My third ‘new store find’ was Eve from The Jersey Company. WOW. This bedding is dreamy. I thought I was a linen sheet lover but Eve’s 100% cotton jersey products are heavenly. I have showed a bunch of people and used this set in an exciting photoshoot recently. Everyone who felt it has commented on the soft texture and beautiful colour combination. These are a winner and a must have staple in our home.

My fourth ‘new store find’ was the team over at Oon. Their felt products are unbelievable and I haven’t seen anything on the market like them. In an Instagram world where there are a lot of copycats are born and bred, Oon have crafted the most stunning range of unique felt homewares.

And lastly, a surprising find for you all. My white spindle side tables are actually from Pottery Barn Kids! A kid’s store (an amazing one!) Don’t be fooled though, the height and dimensions are actually larger than some ‘home living’ side tables around making them perfect for our humongously thick mattress… annnnnd they’re so afforable- currently on sale for $111.20 each.


Well I hope you have a lovely weekend and pleeeease… If you go bonkers on the credit card and your husband finds out, breathe no word of this post haha. I already have my own husband on my back telling me to ‘be conscious’ of my spending habits lol.

Much Love,

T xx


Colour Crush


I am obsessing over beautiful muted hues of mushroom and lilac paired with grey this winter. Today I’m going to provide you with a super easy ‘shop the look’ mood board that is based off the design of our Guest Bedroom. There are pieces that are affordable and a few pieces that are designer must have staples. You can use many different product alternatives to achieve the same look but I think these pieces look fab together.


You may have already noticed these colours taking over my instagram feed lately but I can’t help it- they’re so soft and romantic…

I always use a lot of neutral shades of grey and white to decorate our home because it is easy to add subtle colour to the surrounding space when I feel like it. Then equally as easy to pack away the decor when my next ‘colour crush’ forms. Anyway, enough about why I love these lilac/ mushroom hues and more about where you can buy the stunners.


  1. Kreativitum Underground Prints- $65 each- https://norsu.com.au/
  2. White Waffle Quilt Set- King Size- $99 – https://www.target.com.au/
  3. Flowers by Floral State- Various Bunch Sizes- http://www.floralstate.com.au/
  4. MENU JWDA Concrete Lamp- $399- https://arrivalhall.com.au/
  5. Simply Side Table- $310- https://www.luum.com.au/
  6. French Linen Sheet Set- Queen Size- Warm Grey- $299- http://www.ilovelinen.com.au/
  7. Velvet Cushions and Wool Throw Rug- https://seekandstyle.com.au/
  8. Lenda Tab Top Curtains- $49- http://www.ikea.com/aa/en/
  9. Granite Candle Bowl- 20- http://bayclothingandhomewares.com/



I will blog post about our Master Bedroom ‘shop the look’ later this week including a mood board based off the design which incorporates these beautiful tones.

I hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend and are now in love with this colour palette as much as I am. Goodnight and sleep tiiiiiight.

Much love,

T xx


Instagram Resolution Rant


One of the most annoying things about Instagram is it’s terrible resolution when the image is posted to your wall.

I spend so much time photographing images to ensure my clients have the nicest photos for their brand but when I click ‘post’ to upload my picture on Instagram sometimes it looks like a two year old has taken it on a toy camera. Slight exaggeration, but frustrating to say the least when so much effort has gone into the photography.

I think from now on I will post selected images on here more frequently so you can see the clear, crisp image instead of a pixelated version of my styled work. People may not even notice it but the obsessive bitch in me will feel much better about the situation haha.

Thanks for listening to me be irate and feel free to rant with me below in the comments section xx