Amonie Ring Boxes


Happy Saturday everyone!

I have the biggest wedding fever lately thanks to my mum getting married in 2 weeks!!… And I am not complaining at all. I adore weddings and loved organising our wedding in November 2013. It was so fun and a tad stressful (because I am a total perfectionist) but it came together incredibly and we had such a love filled, fairy tale day.

I have been helping my mum with styling the venue, dress and shoe shopping, going to wedding gown appts, bridal shower planning, open days… you name it, I’ve been there excited to help if need be. However, she recently asked me if I knew where she could buy a sweet ring box that Noah (my eldest Nephew) could take down the aisle with the Page Boys. I had only ever seen tacky, ugly ones but a few days later I came across these stunning Amonie Ring Boxes.


The Amonie Ring Boxes are a modern take on a vintage French ring box which is why I think I adore them so much. Our wedding was influenced by pretty french details and soft, dreamy pastels. There are an array of gorgeous velvet colours available on Sally’s brand new website including:

Dusty Rose | Shop Here

Hydrangea | Shop Here

Light Blue | Shop Here

Light Grey | Shop Here

Marsala | Shop Here

My favourites are the ‘Dusty Pink’ for a soft, dreamy wedding. The ‘Marsala’ for a Rustic Australian wedding and the ‘Hydrangea’ for something blue. The ‘Light Grey’ would be ideal for the grooms and any colour would make stunning gifts for your bridesmaids containing a delicate friendship ring to wear on the day.


My mum chose the dusty pink colour to match our bridesmaids dresses which are a soft blush colour and also our bouquets which will be full of gorgeous pinky peach blooms. If you are planning a wedding don’t forget that the photographer will take detailed shots of your accessories (especially the rings) like I have in this blog post, so it always looks nicer if the colours are complimenting.

The boxes are designed in Australia and made using the finest velvet and ribbon materials. Their simple design ensures a timeless keepsake and will easily become a heirloom piece you can pass down through generations to come.

I have also kept a couple for myself because I don’t wear my rings in the shower or when bathing Chet so I will put one in the guest bathroom and our ensuite so I can safely place my rings in there for safe keeping. My hubby will read this and comment, “you don’t even wear your engagement ring.” Yes that’s true at the moment, only because it doesn’t fit properly at the moment, but I do wear my birth present ring which is also lovely.


So for any brides-to-be looking for a stunning ring box for either their own wedding rings or a sweet bridesmaids gift, I recommend you take a squizz at Amonie. You will be delighted with the gorgeous colours available and the craftsmanship of the box itself. Shop here.

Have a lovely weekend- I’m going to be organising more Bridal Shower decorations for next weekend eeek.

Much love

T xx


Day 1 of Toilet Training

littleones2.pngHappy Friday everyone!

It’s a literal pants off party today to kick start the (dreaded) beginning of toilet training a big 2year old birthday boy!!! I have been putting it off for a while until Chet started showing signs that he understood what wees and poos were. I have been told that boys are generally a lot harder to toilet train and to make sure he’s ready before we start. I’m not expecting him to master it in a week but I think it’s time to start taking small steps towards a nappy free future. The little darling has only recently started telling me that he has done a stinky. It’s actually the cutest thing ever- he walks up to me and says PYOO-WEE while waving his hand in front of his nose… A gesture he definitely picked up from me. Previously he wouldn’t be bothered by it and I had to keep checking his nappy every so often. He has also started grasping that it is a private thing because he goes into another room now to do his business in peace.

First of all I started researching like most of us would… I went straight to the internet and read page upon page of information. Most of which was boringggggg. So that’s where you come in to save the day (and my sanity.) Mumma’s of toddlers please share your training tips and experiences with me. It can be success or horror stories- I’d love to hear about it from both angles. I know every child learns at a different pace and each parenting style varies but I would still love to read how you and your babe mastered the art of toilet training.


I have changed the brand of nappies we now use as a sign that, “things are changing buddy.” We were lucky enough to test run the new  Little One’s Nappies exclusive to Woolworths, but my only wish is that they had invented them 22 months ago. After using half the pack I went and stocked up on more because:

  1. They have a stretchy waist with tabs to resemble ‘big boy’ undies.
  2. They’re super affordable- I’m talking like $11.00 for a pack of 44 ‘WALKER’ size nappies.
  3. The absorbency is great.
  4. They’re not super bulky like other brands.
  5. They’re a fun, on trend design.

I also bought:

Little One’s baby wipes (we go through so many wipes honestly.)

– Some merit stickers

– His own little hand wash and hand cream.

– And a pack of disposable change mats (to put under the potty as extra precaution.)


For now I’m not rewarding with chocolate or food and instead I have started rewarding with praise, encouragement and a sparkly sticker. When we get to the stage of actually doing business on the toilet, I’ll up my game to something cooler than a sticker haha. OH and we also had a fun little creation called a nappy bouquet delivered (see above)- usually people give them as baby shower gifts but I’m putting a cool spin on it. After Chet had sat on the potty this morning I let him pick a nappy off the bouquet… It’s just a fun novelty thing and he loves pulling the nappies off the stem. He can only have a nappy off of the bouquet if he has sat on the potty for a little bit. If we run out I can easily just roll up some more nappies, pop them on skewers and replenish it to its full glory.

I have read to begin training in the first couple of days, put your child on the potty in the morning, let them sit there and familiarise it, encourage them to do their business and then regardless of whether they do something or not put a nappy back on, then repeat in the afternoon. After a few days if they start to familiarise the potty with wees and poos, let them walk around the house nappy-free and encourage them to go on the potty. If they make an accident, it’s exactly that, an accident. That’s what I got from the most relevant article I read but I’m sure it’s a lot harder than what is stated haha. Here’s my question… Did you keep your children at home while toilet training or did you continue doing daily activities and send them to day care as per usual? I’m contemplating keeping Chet home for a full week to grasp the hang of it without any set backs?


Anyway now I’m off to do the day care pick up and afternoon potty session so have a lovely weekend, wish me luck and please share below if you have any tips, experiences or magical toilet training dust to send our way hehe.

Much Love

T xx

Little One's

Classic Wooden Toys


Happy weekend everyone!

I thought I would share a really cool store with you this morning that I recently discovered when searching for Chet’s birthday presents… which is next week ARGHHHH!! Where has my tiny, black haired, grumpy, boofa baby gone?

Happy Go Ducky is a husband and wife duo who stock the most incredible children’s wooden toys. All their wooden toy brands are made exclusively in the Czech Republic using sustainable, non toxic materials. So not only do they look stylish and fun, they’re also eco friendly and safe for your child’s adventurous little hands.


I have been collecting wooden toys for Chet since he was born. Don’t get me wrong, even though Chet has an incredible collection of wooden toys we do also have some plastic toys. It would be unrealistic for us to have nothing other than gorgeous wooden toys. I think everyone can agree though, wooden toys are special- they’re a collectable, a time piece, a potential heirloom. I often wish I had a beautiful classic toy to pass down to Chet but being a 90’s kid, I owned a furby, tamagotchi, sky dancer, pikachu bag, polly pocket, gameboy etc etc. They don’t quite compare to the beautiful children’s toys around nowadays. Although, they’re good for a blast-from-the-past giggle.90stoys.jpgI was automatically drawn to the Ceeda Cavity brand because there are so many beautiful designs for boys. In my opinion there is still a hole in the market for boy’s toys and decor in comparison to girl’s, so I was excited to find these incredible designs. Each toy is made from quality beach wood with accents of oak and ash wood which are all sourced in the Czech Republic. It’s hard to capture just how amazing the craftsman ship is but they truly are beautifully made.

I got Chet the:

Wooden Truck | Shop

Bull Dozer | Shop

Helicopter | Shop

Jeep | Shop

for his 2nd birthday buttttt silly me forgot to pack them away after photographing yesterday. When he got home from daycare he found them in his room and it was absolutely impossible to take them off him… I’m not even lying, I had to ROCK HIM TO SLEEP at bed time with 3 blankies, a water bottler, Lucy Lou (his jelly cat donkey), Suzy Moo (his jelly cat bunny), 2 dummies and the damn Jeep. Haha!


Well if you think you may like to purchase one of these beautiful eco friendly toys for your little one, Amy and Vojta have generously provided my followers with a 15% off discount code to use on their online store. Simply enter the codeword Ducky15 a the Happy Go Ducky checkout to claim your discount. Limit one per customer.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and if I’ve learnt anything from this blog post, it would be to hide your kid’s presents before they get home from day care. Oopsie!…

Much Love,

T xx


Chet.pngHe woke up this morning and was straight into his ‘tucks'(trucks) again lol.

Kate’s Teenage Bedroom Makeover


Prior to having Chet I was employed as an Interior Design Consultant. I was lucky enough to have 2 years of maternity leave but recently I decided not to go back to fulltime work. Even though my heart was still very much in love with interiors,  I wasn’t ready to leave Chet for 40hours a week, so pursuing my own career path became a clearer option for our family. It has been tough trying to juggle work life and home life but I feel confident I will adapt in time.

When I launched my blog 4 months ago, email after email started rolling in straight away for private home consultations. I initially thought, “no-one will want me to design and style their home,” so I literally hadn’t even put a pricing list together when people started asking for my design rates. Anyway, I eventually got my act together and I’m proud to show you my first completed project.

Narelle and Andrew contacted me and wanted to entirely redecorate Kate (their daughter’s) bedroom for her 15th Birthday on Tuesday. I was so excited because I rarely got to do teenage bedrooms at my old job (in display homes the bedrooms are generally designed around families with young children) so I was eager to specify and install this teenage bedroom for Kate as a complete surprise.

Below is my concept mood board that I created for Narelle and Andrew.

narelle1.jpgWe had a budget of $2000 which included

Literally the only thing we kept from the existing room was the double mattress. We ended up sourcing some great product for reasonable prices and I think the room came together really well considering.

Before Images-



The skeleton of the room was gorgeous. Large in size, beautiful natural light, lovely view from the second floor, built in wardrobes, wall detailing, new carpet etc. All it needed was some fresh paint and an overhaul of everything in it. I chose, DULUX Lexicon Quarter for the top half of the wall colour as well as the wall trim, skirting boards and wardrobe doors. The bottom half of the wall colour I chose DULUX Tranquil Retreat Quarter. What a difference a coat of paint makes…. it instantly transformed the entire room!!

Using a crisp white and complimenting cool grey shade really helped give the room a fresh new look.


We used Kmart sheets and their Waffle Quilt Cover to keep the budget down in areas which weren’t key items. Then we bought some on trend feature linen from Rebecca Judd Loves range at Adairs.  The design name is called ZEPHYR however it is now sold out online. I picked Kate’s up instore at a heavily discounted price and they had quite a few left so it may be worth a phone call to your nearest store.


A desk was an absolute must for Kate as she is approaching the back end of high school. Shelves and storage were also important to hide clutter and text books. We ditched the concept of ‘needing’ a bedside table and placed the desk next to the bed instead. It is a great height and Kate has access to her lamp on the other side of the bed. See below.


The Wall Hooks from The Wall Collective act as a feature to hang Kate’s new pendant lamp from Cheeky Reubens. The pendant has a switch on the cord, that I have looped conveniently to turn on and off. I love this idea instead of using a typical table lamp or night light.


I was also told in our initial discussion of Kate’s likes and dislikes, that she loves animals so when I found this Heico Rabbit Lamp from Little Lola Boutique I knew I had to put one in the new room. These are definitely not just for children- heck I’d have one in my room if it fit the theme haha… I guess you can also spy my absolute favourite trinket to style in vignettes… the faceted clay bowls from Miss Kelly Made in Tasmania are incredible and so versatile. Pat was so kind to make them in complimenting colours for Kate.


We used this tall boy from Fantastic Furniture to keep costs down and I’m actually really impressed by the quality. Usually I am a quality snob but the design looks a lot more expensive than it is.


The last thing to complete was to style Kate’s new Interior Motive shelves. I love how the natural blush leather ties in with the rest of the decor and the shelves house some gorgeous knick knacks.

A huge thank you to Olive Et Oriel who customised the Cest La Vie and Mandala print to match the colour scheme and Scandikid for sourcing the most amazing white icelandic sheepskin. You’re both awesome.

Well I’m exhausted but over the moon that we created a magical teenage retreat on a $2000 budget. If you have any questions of where to find other featured items please leave a comment below. As always I would love to hear what you think of the room design and piccies.

Lastly, If you would like to book a room makeover please feel free to email me for more details. Please note I am currently booked out until December 2016.

Have a lovely evening,

Much love,

T xx

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is next Sunday eeeeeek! Seriously where has the year gone? Father’s Day to Shaun and I is special because it brings back so many incredible memories. I was in labour with Chet the entire day on Father’s Day (2 years ago) and birthed him in the early hours of Monday morning.

I planned Shaun’s gift this week but if you have left it to the last minute (like I usually do for all present buying occasions) here are some cool gift ideas for the trendy father’s in your lives. I have not included any DIY ‘children’s gifts to Daddy’ because there are so many cute ideas around, the post would go on forever. Oh and be warned, there is a really cheeky gift idea listed #9 which is solely for the purpose of you and your man to share. It may not be your kinda ‘thing’ but I found it rather entertaining and the prude in me was covering my eyes a little bit haha. Read more below.


  1. FOR THE FRAGRANCE LOVERS- Tom Ford Noir Eau De Toilette 50ml – $125 –
  2. FOR THE SHOE OBSESSED- Nike Match Classic- $150 –
  3. FOR THE DAD’S WHO WEAR SEXY WATCHES- ‘Uniform Wares’ M37 PVD black/ tan leather watch – On sale $350 down from $500 –
  4. FOR THE COOKING ENTHUSIASTS- Beer Plus Food by Ross Dobson – $37.75 –
  5. FOR THE GOLFERS- Leather Tee Set – $44.95 –
  6. FOR THE LIQUOR DRINKERS – Teroforma Black Whisky rocks – $34.95 –
  7. FOR THE GREEN THUMBS- Jade Plant’s are also known as the ‘Money Plant’ and are said to attract wealth and prosperity.
  8. FOR THE BEARDED, HOT AS HELL, LUMBERJACKS- Weirdy Beardy 100% Natural Beard Oil – $48 – and Shaving Cream – $39 –
  9. FOR THE KINKY COUPLES- I recently discovered a couple on Instagram Sally Mustang  and Mitch Gobel who creatively express themselves through narrations and visual images… *wait for it*… of their sexual encounters and relationship. It is VERY raunchy and I was literally giggling the entire time while reading the first story!!  I can guarantee it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but you can read the intros of the sex story before buying it😉 –

Well pressies aside, I hope the Fathers in your lives feel appreciated and special next Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the women playing both the mumma and dadda roles in their child’s life.

Much love,

T xx


Chunky Knit Heaven


Happy Hump Day!!

I posted an image of my master bedroom last week with a gorgeous chunky knit from Nickel N Co draped over my bed and I was totally blown away by the response it received. It’s crazy that a key feature piece will change the look of your space dramatically and gain so much attention from new and avid followers.

I had a tonne of questions and comments regarding the blanket, where was it from (even though it was tagged in the caption and photo,) what colour it was etc etc. I stayed up until 2am that night replying to people😐 Nik also had an abundance of questions and people asking about her creation so I thought before posting another image this afternoon I would write about the stunner here, as well as share a FLASH SALE offer. Eep! You heard right. SALE!

There are pros and cons to investing in a woollen chunky knit blanket from ANY brand selling similar products. However, the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this Nickel N Co chunky knit throw. Below are some points to consider before investing in your dream blanket.


  • They are expensive… But they are a feature piece which (if bought from the right store) will be a beautiful keepsake item you have for years and years.
  • They are delicate- You have to be mindful that these are knitted by hand (obviously) and that any pulls or hard wearing will ruin the shape and the braids.
  • They will eventually pill- HOWEVER some store’s products will pill less than others. I can safely say that (in my experience) Nickel N Co’s blanket pill less than ones I have previously owned and photographed. In saying this, you cannot avoid pilling altogether because wool is a natural product.
  • Note- Please read the SIDS guidelines before styling ANY woollen product in your baby’s room.

Mine is the ‘OVERSIZE KNIT WOOLLEN THROW’ in light oatmeal. It is an older stocked colour and is slightly different to the new ‘light oatmeal’ so when selecting please look at Nik’s colour chart which is pretty spot on. If you’ve been crushing on one, Nik is kindly offering 15% off for 48HOURS ONLY when entering the code ‘oheightohnine’ at the checkout. Christmas is in less than 20 weeks so maybe give hubby the hard nudge tonight and if that doesn’t work bribe him with something he enjoys😉 There is a 2-3 week lead time because products are hand made to order. Offer valid worldwide until FRIDAY 10PM AWST.

Overall the nature of the product is delicate yet breathtakingly beautiful. I knew I needed to invest in one for our home even if I have to take care of it like a second child. I’m more than happy to cherish this beauty for a very, very long time- Chet stay away from mummy’s knitted peace of perfection pleaseeeeee.

Happy sale shopping!

Much Love

T xx