Interior Lighting

chair.pngGood afternoon everyone.

Just a real quickie today because I’m feeling somewhat better. Woohoo! One question I get emailed about a lot is the lighting in my photography so I thought I would quickly touch on a few points in this post.

First of all, I don’t use any lighting equipment. I have a lot of lighting equipment but I only ever use that for Models and studio work. All of the lighting in our home is natural light which is why you will get areas of high light in my photos as well as darker shadows.

I’m a big fan of soft lighting so we had sheer curtains installed by Unique Curtains. These not only make the windows look much prettier but they also diffuse the light and filter out the harsh shadows. Jon and the team at Unique Curtains were super, super amazing and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for window coverings in Perth. The sheers may seem like an obvious lighting trick BUT I also have another few handy points to share.

We also have tint on all of our windows (in various shades depending on which get the most light.) At first I didn’t like it because it makes the house quite dark but it 100% helps with further filtering of the light. It more importantly stops a lot of the heat in summer especially in our master bedroom and the theater room in the afternoon. You could have cooked eggs on our sofa or bed in Summer prior to the tint installation.

Lastly, for people who don’t have sheer curtains, or tint, orrrr have both and want further diffusion I have one last trick for you. I have done this in some homes I have photographed recently although it won’t work on a two storey home lol….. A plain white sheet, pegged onto the gutter OUTSIDE the window will act as a beautiful diffusion in images. Yep! So please don’t try it on a two storey home haha. Give it a try next time you’re photographing your home and let me know if you think it has helped.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone.

Much Love,

T xx


Sheer Curtains | UNIQUE CURTAINS

Chunky Knit | CLOSELY KNIT

Normann Block Table | STEM ONLINE

Butterfly Chair | MUUMUU DESIGN


G playtype poster | IMMY AND INDI


Styling for Suki McMaster


Happy Sunday!

I recently had the opportunity to style some beautiful product from Suki McMaster who is a Melbourne based designer that creates the most gorgeous homewares, stationery and giftware. All her products have such a happy, cheerful vibe about them so when choosing a few selected products to work with I was instantly drawn to the vibrant colours and patterns of her Spring Garden range.

I don’t know about you but I have seen blush, grey and white girl’s bedrooms done to death now and although I am a huge fan, I also adore bursts of colour in a kid’s room. It gives the impression that the space is full of life and fun times. I loved setting up this young tween space to showcase the below Suki McMaster products.

7.pngSpring Garden Cushion || $44.00 || Shop Here

Love You More Print A3 || $20.00 || Shop Here

Spring Garden Print A3 || $20.00 || Shop Here

Spring Garden Mug || $20.00 || Shop Here

If you are an avid reader of my blog you will know how much I bang on about creating a balanced room by tying colours and patterns in with each other so I was so excited to see that Suki does the same design in a wide range of homewares. By using a couple of products in the Spring Garden range it helped create a uniform and super cute space.


There are cushions, planters, candles, mugs, tea towels, calendars, prints, notebooks (just to name a few) available online which would make beautiful gifts or stocking fillers. I’ve picked out a couple of things for the ladies at Chet’s daycare and I think they would be cool teacher gifts as well. You can browse the website here. Oh and you can also get 20% off your first order if you sign up to the newsletter hehe.

I hope this provides you with some bright, cheerful inspo! Have a lovely week ahead everyone and if you have any questions regarding other product featured in this shoot please leave a comment below or check out my Instagram account for store tags.

Much love,

T xx





Christmas is Cominggg

minty2 copy.png

Hello everyone,

I cannot believe it is November already! Argh!! Time to start thinking of Christmas which is my favourite time of the year. We are lucky enough to have Shaun home for another Christmas break, so that in itself is such a lovely gift. This year we are doing a secret santa with the adults in my family but we still buy presents for all the kids. I love spoiling Chet and my nephews, although we also have a special little girl to buy for this Christmas. My gorgeous niece Indie will be celebrating her very first festive season. I bet you all thought I had pregnancy news just then haha.

I like to be organised with my pressie buying so I jumped online to find some cute gifts and sales before everyone snaps up the best things. I got a bit carried away and put together a girls and boys gift guide to share with you all. I’ve chosen my fave 5 products for each gender that are under $100 and available at Scandikid. My friend Emelie owns this gorgeous Scandinavian inspired children’s store and FYI this is 100% not a sponsored post. She doesn’t even know I’m writing this lol!

Below are my top 5 finds for the little ladies in your life.


  1. Liewood Junior Bedding Classic Dot || $99.95 || Shop Here
  2. Cam Cam Doll’s Carrier Rose || $64.95 || Shop Here
  3. Heart Cushion Pink || $45.00 || Shop Here
  4. Maileg Mini Bunny Marie || $75.00 || Shop Here
  5. Lucie Kaas Baby Elephant || $89.95 || Shop Here

I am loving these subtle tones of Peach and Rose for Spring/ Summer paired with textures of wood and quilting. Everything is just so adorable!! I’m glad I only have one girl to buy for because I could (and would) send myself completely broke this Christmas.

Below are my top 5 finds for the little misters in your life.


  1. Lucky Boy Sunday Mause Rug || Was $169.95 Now $99.00 || Shop Here
  2. Fabelab Crown Alisan || $28.00 || Shop Here
  3. Sailing Ship Kite || $89.00 || Shop Here
  4. Oyoy Penguin || $59.00 || Shop Here
  5. Cam Cam Junior Bedding Sashiko Blue || $99.95 || Shop Here

My favourite find is the Sailing Ship Kite which can also be used as a mobile or wall decoration in your child’s bed or play area. We have one in Chet’s room and when my nephews came over the other day they begged me to take it down (from the roof) so they could study it closely. You also can’t go past these beautiful shades of blue in a boy’s bedroom or nursery.

Now that I have found some ideas for the kiddies, I need to start looking for both hubby and myself… Hubby meaning literally anything Harley Davidson related and myself meaning, I have to write down my secret santa wishlist haha. Oh where to start… What is on your mumma wishlist?

Below are a few more images of some other pretty Scandikid product that is available online now.

Have a lovely Friday everyone. Hopefully you’re all tucked up in bed and won’t read this until the morning hehe.

Much Love,

T xx




ohhappyfry copy.png

Adore Magazine2 copy.png

Bunzi Love

bunzi5duo.pngHappy Sunday!

I saw a post the other day from a mum asking about balance bikes that would make a suitable Christmas present for her 18month old. I told her to check out the one we have and I thought I would share it on here as well. Looking for a balance bike that is A) adaptable with your child’s growth and B) not super tacky proved kind of difficult for me to find. Don’t get me wrong Chet has more than his fair share of ugly toys (that I don’t post photos of on insta.) I am definitely not one of those mums who ‘only have wooden toys to suit their decor.’ I don’t mind if his toys are brightly coloured because I would rather buy products that can adapt with Chet’s growth and development, although preferably something which is not novelty branded lol.

I was super happy to come across the Chillafish Bunzi 2-in-1 Gradual Balance Bike from Colorific Toys. It looks fun and has a really cute innovative design. We got it for Chet just before his second birthday because we weren’t sure how quickly he would learn to balance on two wheels. This balance bike can be switched from 3 wheels to 2 wheels in literally a few seconds. It’s actually really impressive haha! Here is a demo at how easily it can be swapped between the two modes.

This bike is really compact and lightweight making it easy for Chet to steer and convenient for us take to the beach or park. He had a ride on car before we got the Bunzi but it was too heavy and big for him… he always crashed into things or lost control which made him upset or frustrated. The three wheel mode makes it hard for the bike to tip over which is perfect for younger toddlers but as you can see from the above demo, the two wheel mode resembles a traditional (but way cooler) balance bike.

Chet’s faveeee part is the little trunk. No joke, he hides everything in there!!! Dummies, snacks, little toy cars, muesli bar wrappers, things he has stolen from my handbag eg, my drivers license, loose change, paperclips and tampons lol. The cutest thing I found in there recently was a Polaroid picture of Shaun and I. My heart exploded at the fact he wanted to keep his mummy and daddy in his car while he drove around like a hoon haha.

If you think your toddler would love one for Christmas, I have attached a link below to the 3 available colours.

Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike || Blue || SHOP HERE

Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike || Pink || SHOP HERE

Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike || Red || SHOP HERE

Anyway, we packed his boot full of bread this morning and went down to feed the ducks. It was so sweet.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

Much Love

T xx






Spring/ Summer Girl’s Bedroom


Happy Saturday.

First of all, thank you for all the lovely Insta feedback on my last Spring/ Summer Styling post. It was a lot of fun redecorating our guest bedroom in a fresh colour palette ready for the warmer months ahead.

I know a lot of my followers are seasonal decorators, meaning, you love to freshen up your decor to suit the climate and trending colours, so today I would love to show you something a little different. I have put together a girl’s bedroom design using colour (once again) as my Summer Hero and some great products that are both affordable and easily accessible from your local Vicinity Centre.


When I think of spring styling, colour is the most important design principle in my opinion. I love mixing both pastel and bright shades in children’s interior, especially in the warmer seasons. Fun, vibrant patterns and textures are a ‘styling must’, paired with lightweight linen and bursts of colour. These elements differ to the hero pieces I style throughout the cooler months because I tend to use a lot of chunky layers and dark, moody bedding in winter.

In order for a well designed children’s room to look visually appealing, both colour and balance need to be carefully used together to ensure the overall space isn’t busy or ‘obtrusive’ to the eye lol (yes that is a thing.) I will share how to briefly achieve this further down, but for now these are the trending colours I fell in love with to create a fresh, little retreat.


Below is my ‘Shop the Look’ design concept featuring some gorgeous summer hero products from your local Vicinity Centre, find your nearest here.

For more summer shopping and fashion inspiration from Vicinity Centre visit and take the Summer Heroes Quiz.


  1. Madera Table Lamp || Kmart || $20.00
  2. Milo Side Table || Adairs || $179.00
  3. Ultra Soft Jersey ‘Flecks’ Single Bedlinen || Adairs || $149.95 now $49.95. See in store.
  4. 5 Piece Comforter Set || Kmart || $29.00 (I have only used the bear cushion.)
  5. Waffle Quilt Cover Set Single || Target || From $49.95
  6. Vintage Washed Standard Pillowcase Pair Luxe Pink || Adairs || $69.95 Now $19.95. See in store.
  7. Vintage Washed European Pillowcase Sky || Adairs || $69.95 now $19.95. See in store.
  8. Ivory Single Sheepskin || Adairs || $169.95
  9. Wooden Name Blocks || Kmart || $15.00
  10. Bamboo Basket || Kmart || $6.00
  11. DIY pom poms || Wool from Big W || $2.00 each roll
  12. Copper Round Mirror || Kmart || $19.00 (the product description says oval but mine is definitely circle lol.)

As you can see from the above, there are some great Spring/ Pre-Christmas sales on at the moment that makes redecorating somewhat affordable at your local Vicinity Centre. I see a lot of mumma’s redecorate or adding some fresh touches to their children’s bedrooms in time for Christmas so please feel free to use the links above for a little bit of Christmas-Shopping-Inspo. Be quick though because selected items (although only purchased last week) will sell out quickly.

I also love to craft during summer and often find myself embracing some sort of small project in the evening, while sitting outside watching Chet play under the sprinkler. DIY projects can be a great way to add colour and personality into your child’s bedroom. In this case I made some super cute pom poms from wool that I bought from Big W and tied them a ‘basic’ Kmart bamboo basket. The finished product looks a million dollars (slight exaggeration) but only cost me $14 altogether. It ties the basket in with the bedding and creates a fun, on trend vibe for this girl’s bedroom.



Lastly, I just wanted to give a couple of pointers on how to use colour effectively to create an overall balanced space. I get a lot of emails from ladies who struggle with this topic so I will quickly share my process.

  1. I choose my ‘hero piece’. In this room I am focusing on the colours of the quilt cover.
  2. I find ways to link each area of the room back to the hero piece. You can see that the flowers compliment the bedding, Pom Poms and blocks. Whereas the furniture and basket compliments each other in shape, style and colour.


What you want to achieve is a smooth transition when the eye bounces around the room, as well as in your photographic images.

Well I think that’s enough of me for this afternoon. I hope you have a lovely weekend and find these Summer Hero products as delightful as I do. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will be in touch.

Much Love,

T xx




Last night, I finished work early (early being like 11:30pm,) I had a shower, I scooped up my little love and bought him into our bed. I began scrolling through Insta like I always do then had a look at the trending news reports on my phone.

I came across the heartbreaking news of the Davidson family deaths in NSW and sat in bed stroking my baby’s hair while I sobbed for them.

It really struck a chord deep within me and made me think about my own life. Often I will complain about bad lighting in a photo, or a bad night sleep, or even period pain. What the hell!!!!! Why am I complaining about these minuscule things when families are struggling with real issues and people are living on the street without a roof over their head.

I am so blessed. Blessed with health, blessed with a beautiful family, a hard working and loving husband, a beautiful boy to call our son. We live comfortably with a steady income, a roof over our head and fresh food to eat every night. I’m blessed with incredible supportive friends and luxuries I really do not need to make me happy.

There’s no real point to this blog post and I am certainly not going to pass judgement on this poor family’s thought process or actions. I feel for them. I’m heartbroken reading the news but hoping they are resting in peace altogether above. What I will do is send out some virtual flowers and love in hope it puts a smile on at least one person’s face today.

flowers copy.jpg

  • To those struggling with mental illness
  • To those who have sick children
  • To people who are subjected to abuse or violence
  • To those who’s health or family’s health is poor
  • To those struggling with income or living in poverty somewhere in the world.
  • To women going through PND and to couples struggling to conceive.
  • To those who are down with life in general or who are just having a shitty day…

I could go on and on forever, but I just wanted to send a huge virtual hug to everyone experiencing difficult times in their life. I do donate to various charities but sometimes a special thought is what counts in this very moment.

Tell your loved ones you care for them and better yet SHOW them you love them. Hold your babies tight and cut the people who only contact you when “it benefits them” out of your life. God knows I can rattle off a list right here, right now.

Be grateful for life and air you breathe.

Much love to everyone,

T xx