5 EtsyAu Stores You’ll Love


Hey Everyone,

If you follow me closely on Instagram, you would have seen me posting about some of the loveliest products I have recently found on Etsy Au. There are so many incredible creatives on there and I searched for days/ weeks finding beautiful pieces for our master bedroom before committing to orders. Sorry guys this isn’t a master bedroom ‘tour’ but I thought it would be cool to share the love and show you all some extremely talented Aussie small businesses. To make things fun, I’ll also provide direct links to various home decor products I think you will fall in love with.

I’m such a sucker for linen, textiles and decor because they can completely transform the look and feel of a room. I really enjoyed shopping on Etsy Au because most of the products are handmade and often one of a kind. I especially love seeing tiny imperfections in the ceramic products. It makes them unique and it’s also great to have some gorgeous decor that you know cannot be replicated by huge budget retailers! There are actual faces and families behind the brand you’re supporting, which is such a satisfying feeling. Lastly, the quality of everything delivered exceeded my expectations ten fold and I can only put it down to the creators having so much passion for their work.

Anyway I think that’s enough ramble, now I’ll show you some cool Etsy AU stores…

Much Love

T xx

House of Baltic Linen

Fine Linen Merchants. Melbourne, VIC.

Store website: Here

Instagram: Here

House of Baltic Linen.png

Rose quartz linen duvet cover || Shop Here

Ivory linen waffle coverlet || Shop Here

Silver grey linen fitted sheet || Shop Here

Lilac linen waffle pillow slips || Shop Here


Lavallier Emporium

Handmade porcelain homewares. Melbourne, VIC

Store website: Here

Instagram: Here

lavallier copy.png

Porcelain dinner plate 22k gold rim || Shop Here

Ceramic mug 22k gold rim || Shop Here

Ceramic bowl large 22k gold rim || Shop Here

Porecelain soy candle 22k gold rim || Shop Here


Ni Ni Creative

Designer cushions and bags. Melbourne, VIC

Store website: Here

Instagram: Here


Stitched sapphire square cushion || Shop Here

Round tan leather cushion || Shop Here

Round charcoal leather cushion || Shop Here

Leather / cream textured rectangle cushion || Shop Here


Louise M Studio

Handmade porcelain homewares. Sydney, NSW.

Store website: Here

Instagram: Here


Soft series dish peach || Shop Here

Soft series dish sapphire || Shop Here

Soft series dish vanilla || Shop Here

Soft series dish musk || Shop Here


Urban Cartel

Contemporary porcelain. Melbourne, VIC.

Store website: Here

Instagram : Here


Organic entree plate || Shop Here

Porcelain cloud dish || Shop Here

Copper scallop large bowl || Shop Here

Porcelain vase || Shop Here

fall copy.png



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  1. Wondering where the soft bench in from of the bed is from?
    reposting this comment so that I could check the box to be notified via email about responses- sorry for the duplicate- thanks!


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