Amonie Ring Boxes


Happy Saturday everyone!

I have the biggest wedding fever lately thanks to my mum getting married in 2 weeks!!… And I am not complaining at all. I adore weddings and loved organising our wedding in November 2013. It was so fun and a tad stressful (because I am a total perfectionist) but it came together incredibly and we had such a love filled, fairy tale day.

I have been helping my mum with styling the venue, dress and shoe shopping, going to wedding gown appts, bridal shower planning, open days… you name it, I’ve been there excited to help if need be. However, she recently asked me if I knew where she could buy a sweet ring box that Noah (my eldest Nephew) could take down the aisle with the Page Boys. I had only ever seen tacky, ugly ones but a few days later I came across these stunning Amonie Ring Boxes.


The Amonie Ring Boxes are a modern take on a vintage French ring box which is why I think I adore them so much. Our wedding was influenced by pretty french details and soft, dreamy pastels. There are an array of gorgeous velvet colours available on Sally’s brand new website including:

Dusty Rose | Shop Here

Hydrangea | Shop Here

Light Blue | Shop Here

Light Grey | Shop Here

Marsala | Shop Here

My favourites are the ‘Dusty Pink’ for a soft, dreamy wedding. The ‘Marsala’ for a Rustic Australian wedding and the ‘Hydrangea’ for something blue. The ‘Light Grey’ would be ideal for the grooms and any colour would make stunning gifts for your bridesmaids containing a delicate friendship ring to wear on the day.


My mum chose the dusty pink colour to match our bridesmaids dresses which are a soft blush colour and also our bouquets which will be full of gorgeous pinky peach blooms. If you are planning a wedding don’t forget that the photographer will take detailed shots of your accessories (especially the rings) like I have in this blog post, so it always looks nicer if the colours are complimenting.

The boxes are designed in Australia and made using the finest velvet and ribbon materials. Their simple design ensures a timeless keepsake and will easily become a heirloom piece you can pass down through generations to come.

I have also kept a couple for myself because I don’t wear my rings in the shower or when bathing Chet so I will put one in the guest bathroom and our ensuite so I can safely place my rings in there for safe keeping. My hubby will read this and comment, “you don’t even wear your engagement ring.” Yes that’s true at the moment, only because it doesn’t fit properly at the moment, but I do wear my birth present ring which is also lovely.


So for any brides-to-be looking for a stunning ring box for either their own wedding rings or a sweet bridesmaids gift, I recommend you take a squizz at Amonie. You will be delighted with the gorgeous colours available and the craftsmanship of the box itself. Shop here.

Have a lovely weekend- I’m going to be organising more Bridal Shower decorations for next weekend eeek.

Much love

T xx


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