Repainted FROSTA Stools

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Happy Thursday everyone!

Today we were supposed to go and catch up with some awesome Perth girls but Chet woke up with a sore ear so we stayed home and got our craft on instead. We repainted the FROSTA stools from Ikea for Chet’s little desk area and they look soooo cute! They instantly brighten up this corner and tie everything together.

I didn’t take any progress shots (sorry) because I wasn’t expecting them to turn out nicely BUT they look so much cooler than I thought they would. Thinking back now I probably should have primed them but they still turned out beautifully… and I’m not a DIY guru so I can’t tell the difference. I literally just wiped them down and painted straight over the top and they look (and feel) fine.


Here is a list of what we used, including the paint colours:

Two Stools || Shop Here

Paint Sample Pots || Dark Teal || Light Sage

Sample Pot Roller || Click Here

38mm Angled Paint Brush || Shop Here


Here’s how we painted them:

I stood the legs on four mugs so it was easier to paint the bottom of the legs. I used the paint brush to do one leg at a time. I roughly covered it in paint and then put another layer on with the mini roller (to get a smoother finish.) The angled brush helps you paint the underneath side of the legs much better.

I did all four legs, then flipped it over and painted the underneath. I didn’t roll this part.

I then stood the stool back on the mugs while I painted the top and rim with the brush, then the roller (like I did with the legs.)

I waited an hour for them to dry and then repeated the process once more.


There you go, super easy and as I said above, I’m not a DIY genius so I didn’t bother priming them. If you want them to last longer it’s probably a good idea to prime them before painting.

Anyway, while I was painting those two stools, Chet was decorating a miniature one I bought him. I actually love it. He’s done such a great job for an ‘almost’ three year old.

What do you think? Do you love the blue tones? More importantly has Chet done a better job than me? Haha I agree! His has personality and sentimental value.

Much Love,

T xx


Chatting to Kate Fisher Art


Hello and Happy Tuesday!

I cannot believe it is July already! It has been a few weeks since I last posted on here but the break has been exactly what I needed. I have been working hard behind the scenes on some exciting interior projects and I also had a lovely chat to one of my favourite budding artists Kate Fisher.

I wanted to feature Kate on my blog for a few reasons. One, because so many people ask about the paintings in my bedroom. Two, we have a great discount to offer my readers. Three, because I have the utmost respect for artists like her who have taken a leap and created a business doing something they’re truly passionate about. I was an art student at high school and University (Photo Media) so I know that pursuing a career in the creative industries can be challenging but fulfilling at the same time.

The two paintings in my bedroom get a lot of love on Instagram and although I have the originals (lucky me,) Kate had them professionally photographed and made into prints . The two pieces hung in my master bedroom are called Sage for Days I and II.  I have also seen the Nordic Sky- Storm I and II in person because they’re going into a client’s home very soon. The quality is stunning and you can view all Kate’s fine art prints here and original artworks here.

Below are some questions I asked Kate in our chat the other day and further down is a generous discount code that my readers can use in her online store for the month of July.



So tell us a bit about yourself.

Well, I am a wife and a mum to two adorable (but cheeky) little boys who I couldn’t live without. I’m also an indoor plant fanatic and a recovering chocoholic who adores creating things. When I was nineteen I started a kids party and event company which I ran until I sold the business at the beginning of this year. My passion for painting was reignited and as a result Kate Fisher Art was born.


How long have you been painting for?

I loved to draw as a child and then painted a lot when I was in high school. I had one of my portraits in an art show when I graduated but after that I didn’t paint for a long time because of business demands at the time. About 18 months ago, I realised I needed to inject some creative energy back into my life – so I started painting again.


What do you love most about it?

EVERYTHING! The process itself is super fun, but challenging at the same time! Most of all, I love that art has so much power to change the mood and energy of a room and it’s occupants. I know I’ve done my job when customers feel like their new artwork has created a happier, more relaxed environment at home.


What are the biggest challenges you face on a day to day basis?

I’m sure a lot of people can relate but balancing work, motherhood and family life can be tricky, especially when working from a home studio. So much time is invested into the ‘business’ side of things that it can become hard to just say “Right enough! It’s time to paint and everything else can wait.”


Do you have any advice for someone wanting to give painting a go?

Just kick yourself in the butt and do it! If you don’t know where to start, you can find some great painting tutorials on YouTube – or sign up for a night class somewhere local.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I’m usually always drawn to colour first. Colour catches my eye everywhere- sometimes it is a patterned fabric and other times, an interior palette in a magazine. I also love nature and would one day love to build a house with a studio that is surrounded by beautiful green tropical trees and plants.


Lastly, Has social media been a positive influence on your business?

Yes. I adore Instagram! The people are so friendly and the constant support/ encouragement always amazes me. It’s a great community filled with like-minded people and it has been really beneficial to my business! Styling my artwork can be time consuming but I get a lot of great feedback from my customers saying it helps them better visualise the colours and get an idea of the different sizes available online.


Isn’t she fab? For the whole month of July my readers can get 20% off their order when entering the code word OHEIGHTOHNINE20 at the checkout. Kate also offers a $25.00 voucher, sent straight to your inbox when signing up to her email list. The two offers cannot be used in conjunction with each other but you can weigh up whichever saves you more money!!


Have a lovely week everyone.

Much Love,

T xx






Artist Images by Jade Norwood

Sage for Days I and II are products of a mutual collaboration between Oh Eight Oh Nine and Kate Fisher Art.

My Favourite 10 Cots


Happy Monday everyone.

A couple of months ago I posted about my favourite Children’s beds and I had a lot of great feedback from it. Quite a few people requested a similar post listing my favourite cots, so over the past few weeks I have compiled a collection of cot/bassinet designs that are available on the Australian market. They are listed below with easy shopping links for all the mumma’s needing a new cot or wanting to update their baby’s old one.

I have also tried to find beautiful images to represent each design so please have a squizz at the photo sources at the end of this blog post. I hope you love them as much as I do.



The stunning Kalon Studios ‘Caravan Crib’ is one of my favourite cots! It has a simple yet classic design which oozes style and is suitable for either gender!… Oh and the best part is that you can take the front rail off (or all four rails) and convert it into an adorable toddler bed.

Shop Here



The Oeuf NYC ‘Sparrow Cot’ comes in a few different colours including white, grey and birch. I love using Oeuf NYC products because the quality is great and you can pair it back with other furniture in the sparrow range.

Shop Here



The Leander cot has been in the spotlight for a few years now, however, it is clear to see why! The shape and overall design gives such a sleek Scandinavian feel. It can be easily converted into a toddler bed and an additional extension kit/mattress can be purchased so that the toddler bed becomes a Junior size bed. With 5 different configurations available, it is an investment piece you will have for many years.

Shop Here



Oh Gosh, I just had to include this gorgeous bassinet from Byron Bay Hanging Chairs. It would be a crime not to, right? The shape, material, size, everything…. even the wheels are so beautiful. The convenience of having wheels on a bassinet is so handy when bub is a newborn, especially if you feed in another room. Eg I fed Chet in our Theatre room, burped, then put him to sleep and wheeled him back into our room.

Shop Here



The Oeuf ‘Rhea Cot’ is one of my favourite cots because it incorporates both wood and white tones in one design. It works perfectly back with other Oeuf products and has a classic/ timeless shape. It can also convert into a toddler bed if you purchase the additional conversion kit.

Shop Here



If you love the above cot, but want something a little more feminine looking the Baby Letto ‘Lolly Cot’ will be right up your ally. It features the wood/white contrast but with a more delicate leg design. There are also black/ timber and grey/ timber colour options available- all at a great price!!!

Shop Here



While we are on the topic of girly cots, the ‘Blythe Crib’ from Pottery Barn Kids is the epitome of feminine. The detailing in the wood, the upholstery, buttons and tufts, even the colour ‘Vintage Grey’ is stunning.

Shop Here



The ‘Ava Cot’ from Plyroom has so many incredible details. The entire unit is made from sustainably forested European Birch ply which means there are no MDF components or metal fixings. Not only can it be converted into a toddler bed, it can also transform into a children’s desk! Genius!!

Shop Here



The ‘Sniglar Cot’ from IKEA is the most affordable and versatile design I have featured in this post. At only $119AUD you really cannot go wrong with this simple solid beech cot. You will get plenty of inspo if you type it into Pinterest, including projects where people have painted the rails to suit their nursery palette.

Shop Here



The ‘Sleepi Bed’ by Stokke is another popular design among expecting mums. The shape gives an unconventional look and the canopy is oh-so-cute. As I mentioned above, I found wheels super handy when Chet was a baby…  My best friend actually has this bassinet/ cot and I know she loves the convenience of the wheels too.

Shop Here


bree leach.png

My second bassinet feature goes to the gorgeous ‘Macrame Bassinet’ from Olli Ella. If you’re a fan of vintage/ boho style, you need to check this one out. It is a beautiful design that could easily be incorporated into either a boy, girl or gender neutral nursery.

Shop Here


Pinterest MKL.png

The ‘Georgia Cot’ from Incy Interiors has an adorable rounded edge with beautiful spindle rails and a detailed surround. Incy also have a large range of gorgeous cots including the rose gold metal cot which has been hugely popular over the past couple of years.

Shop Here



Last, but definitely not least is this gorgeous wicker bassinet from Pottery Barn Kids. If you want to replicate a vintage inspired nursery this style is perfect and it also comes in a darker Taupe colour. The mattress comes included in the price and the basket also comes off the base so you can use it as a sleep basket in another room.

Shop Here


Well I hope this list has helped someone discover a new brand or design they may like to purchase for their little love. With so many cots on the Australian market I really did have a hard time narrowing these down. I could have easily listed 20 or more, but I would be writing this blog post for another week haha. One last note before signing off for the day… Make sure to read up and do some research on whichever design you want to buy before making the purchase. A copy of the Australian safety guidelines can be found here.

Have a lovely afternoon and a productive week ahead.

Much Love,

T x


Image Sources

Header- Photo Source

  1. Designer Lucy Feagins, Photography Eve Wilson // 2 Photo Source
  2. Design and Photography by me
  3. Stylist- Jessica Hanson, Photography- Sam McAdam-Cooper
  4. Design and Photography by me
  5. Photo Source
  6. Photo Source
  7. Photo Source
  8. Photo Source
  9. Photo Source
  10.  Stylists- Bree Leech and Heather Nette King. Photography- Lisa Cohen
  11. Miss Kyree Loves
  12. Justy Olive

Footer- Photo Source

Thomas’s Toddler Bedroom


Happy weekend everyone,

I’m excited to finally give you a room tour of Thomas’s toddler bedroom today. I designed, installed and styled this fun-filled space for Thomas late last year and I have been itching to show you some more images. I have waited a little while to pop this room up on the blog because it is featured in the printed annual edition of Minty Magazine . Now you can see it either right here, or in print on the Minty Magazine website.

Jemma and Ben contacted me in August last year to design a beautiful Toddler Bedroom for Thomas, to celebrate becoming a big brother. They also wanted to make it an opportunity to transition him into the newly renovated two story home and a ‘big boy bed.’ In addition we also recently completed Christian’s Nursery (who is Thomas’s baby brother) that you can find on my blog here.

Yes I know you’re all probably thinking, “the wallpaper is the same as Chet’s,” but I actually specified and installed it in Thomas’s room first. I loved it so much in here that I ordered some for Chet’s room a few months later. Thankfully Jemma didn’t mind and we still remain buddies haha 😉

Below are the before images of what the room looked like when Jemma contacted me.


Thomas room 2.JPG




We wanted to keep both of the boy’s rooms consistent so we used Oeuf NYC Furniture from Urban Baby Shop. I specified the Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed because Thomas was still in a Cot and it is ‘Cot Size’ not ‘Single Size’ to ensure the smoothest transition possible. Another pro was that the front rail adds extra security without compromising the look of the overall design. The room has a huge built in wardrobe so a dresser wasn’t necessary. Instead, I chose the Oeuf Mini Library because in our initial meeting Jemma said, “Thomas has lots of books and toys,”- Perfecto!

As an alternative to using a traditional rectangle rug, I chose a gorgeous, plush Triple Icelandic Sheepskin from Hides Of Excellence. It fits the space perfectly and ties back with the texture of the Baby Alpaca Artwork. It also creates a cosy area on the floor where Thomas can play and read whenever he wants.

*Please note* when decorating nurseries you need to read through the SIDS guidelines first and be mindful of putting wool/ natural fibers in a baby’s room. Thomas is 2 years old so this rug is a beautiful (and safe) addition to his new room.


I adore how the colours work so well with each other in this room. The floor cushion works back beautifully with the bedding and the leather cushion is the perfect compliment to the alpaca artwork. If you don’t want to follow a generic theme (like in Thomas and Chet’s room) try and choose a consistent colour palette so the room has unity. Sticking to fairly neutral palette with pops of colour will ensure that the room looks fun and inviting but also has a tonne of versatility for years to come.

Well I hope you like Thomas’s Toddler Bedroom as much as we do and sorry it took a while to upload to the blog! I was so excited about seeing it in print that I forgot to post sooner. Stay tuned for another three gorgeous boy’s bedrooms coming soon, alongside three girl’s bedrooms eek!!

If you would like me to create a dream space for your little love, please feel free to contact me via email here.  If you would like to view the suppliers please keep scrolling to the end of this post.

Have a relaxing weekend.

Much Love

T xx








Perch Toddler Bed || Shop Here

Mini Library || Shop Here

Triple Icelandic Sheepskin || Shop Here

Tile Progress Wallpaper || Shop Here

Rafa XL Shelf || Shop Here

Side Table || Shop Here

Navy Floor Cushion || Shop Here

Wooden Carry Baskets || Shop Here

Plush Bear Head || Shop Here

Loft Armchair || Shop Here

Storage Bag || Shop Here

Scandi Floor Lamp || Shop Here

Baby Alpaca Print || Shop Here

Konges Sløjd Junior Bedding ||  Shop Here

Apple Cushion || Shop Here

Round Leather Cushion || Shop Here

Maya Cushion || Shop Here

Pull Along Fox || Shop Here

Wooden Camera || Shop Here

Oyoy Rabbit Cushion || Shop Here

Magnetic Wooden Animals || Shop Here

Train Lamp || Shop Here


Layer Up- 10 Lovely Throws


Happy Monday!

With winter fast approaching it’s time to layer up those beds, lounges and occasional chairs with some beautiful throws, don’t you think? I personally love the cooler months and more so that I get to create warm, cosy rooms within our home. One of the best ways to create warmth in your interior is to introduce a blanket or throw, but with so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming. This is where I come in! Today I want to share my favourite 10 throws available at your closest Vicinty Centre. You can find your nearest store here.

Personally I don’t ever style a bed or lounge without some sort of throw, especially in autumn/ winter. It can be a chunky knit, thin linen throw or even a sheepskin hide- anything to add another layer and texture to the space… I have even styled a hide on our dining room bench. It doesn’t stay there when we eat but I love the way it softens the hard lines of the wood and creates a warm, cosy setting. Imagine the below picture without one! The entire space just wouldn’t look as nice.


Anyway, I made it my mission to find you 10 beautiful throws from Vicinity Centres, just in time for winter. I’m going to apologise in advance though because I’m really struggling to narrow them down. 10 may become 15, or 20 very easily! So, what I will do is showcase my faves from various retailers in various price points… some budget friendly and some more expensive. Oh and I’ll quickly just mention that so many stores are having awesome sales at the moment, which was even more dangerous!… Like I need an excuse to buy more linen!

Here is my top 10:

bedbathtable.png23 4.png567 8.png91011 12

  1. Colorado knit throw, Grey || Bed Bath N Table || Shop Here
  2. Jumbo cable knit, Marshmallow || Myer || Available In Store
  3. Bombay quilted velvet throw, Rose || Adairs || Shop Here
  4. Casbah throw, Mustard || Adairs || Shop Here
  5. VUE Hayley throw, Cameo rose || Myer || Shop Here
  6. Hayden throw, White || Myer || Shop Here
  7. Archer blanket, Marshmallow || Country Road || Shop Here
  8. Edin blanket, Multi || Country Road || Shop Here
  9. Sheepskin, Blush || Adairs || Shop Here
  10. Horizontal double rib throw || West Elm || Shop Here
  11. Nora tassel throw, Tan || Cotton On Home || Shop Here
  12. Lili textured throw, Blush || Cotton On Home || Shop Here

Okay, so I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10 because they’re all different and beautiful in their own way! Whether you want to layer with a chunky knit, sheepskin, velvet, waffle or cotton weave, that list seriously has you covered! There are so many gorgeous textures and warm colours to have a look at and I hope you like my selections. Have fun shopping and creating some warm, cosy layers in your home this winter.

Much Love,

T xx

PS- I have my eye on #11 and at $25.00 I should just buy it now, shouldn’t I?





This post is in collaboration with Vicinity Centres.



Ella’s Teenage Bedroom Makeover

ella's bedroom.png

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve been a bit quiet the past couple of weeks with a load of briefs and design concepts to work through. In saying that, today I would love to show you some pictures of Ella’s new teenage bedroom. My clients Narelle and Andrew contacted me a couple of months ago to give me the rundown of what Ella imagines her dream space to look like. The outcome reflects her personality perfectly and it is a versatile room that she can grow with throughout her teenage years.

I was super excited to start this project because I created Kate’s teenage bedroom last year (Ella’s older sister.). We have loosely replicated the furniture layout to match Kate’s, however, the two rooms look so different. Cohesive, yet different! We decorated both spaces using some budget friendly pieces to ensure that we maintained two realistic teenage bedrooms. We all know that teens go through phases, and lots of them!!! Heck I remember listening to Ciara one minute… and My Chemical Romance the next (lol!!!!!)

Here are the before images of Ella’s old room.


image3e copy.png


Ella liked the idea of an urban bedroom so we chose to decorate the room in this style instead of furnishing it head to toe in themed product. If I had chosen either rustic wood or metal furniture, Ella would be tied to this particular style for several years. Whereas, by keeping the furniture simple and fairly modern, the room has versatility and can easily be redecorated if Ella grows out of the urban style. This is also a good option if you like to follow seasonal trends.

One of our ‘must have items’ was the Ivory and Deene hammock chair. The room is quite small so we saved a tonne of floor space by having a hanging chair instead of a regular occasional chair. Ella can also slide the leather ottoman underneath the hammock so it is out of the way when not in use. Other than being a great space saver, I chose this piece because it fits the look perfectly… Oh and did I mention it’s only $79.00 Whattttt?!  Please note that we added support beams in the roof for extra safety. It’s easy if you know what you’re doing. 

5 copy


Another product we had to have in Ella’s room was the You Rock poster from Seek and Style. When I showed Narelle it was an instant YES and she stated that it could actually be Ella in the image!! Shorts and Dr Marten’s (or Converse) are her thing, so the poster was totally fitting for her new space. I also strung up a polaroid photo wall behind the hammock chair, however, I didn’t photograph this in detail because I don’t feel right putting her personal memories all over my blog. You can kind of see the twinkle lights in the above image though 🙂

Ella and her family were so happy with the end result and of course I am too. Especially when taking into consideration that a lot of these products are budget friendly. It goes to show if you choose wisely and decorate with a particular theme or colour palette in mind, you can produce a lovely room for less than you think.  If you would like help with a bedroom makeover please feel free to contact me and say, “hiii.” Contact Details here. If you would like to shop the look of this bedroom, I have listed some suppliers at the bottom of this blog post.

Have a lovely weekend.

Much Love,

T x




9 copy.png



5M7B1286 copy.png





Soho Hammock Chair || Shop Here

You Rock Poster || Shop Here

Tan Ottoman || Shop Here

Alpha Boards || Shop Here

Moon Bag || Shop Here

Hanging Pendant || Shop Here

Jute Rug || Shop Here

King Single Bed || Shop Here

Desk || Shop Here

Desk Chair || Shop Here

Desk Lamp || Shop Here

Shelf || Shop Here

Wall Weave || Shop Here

Wall Hooks || Shop Here

Quilt Cover || Shop Here

Tan Cushion || Shop Here

Tribal Cushion || Shop Here

Pink Round Cushion || Shop Here

Pink Fringe Cushion || Shop Here

Pom Pom Blanket || Shop Here

Mongolian Hide || Shop Here

Tree Poster || Shop Here

Storage Basket || Shop Here


The skirting boards, wall trim, doors and top half of the room are painted in Dulux Lexicon Quarter and the bottom half of the room is painted in Dulux Tranquil Retreat Quarter.

Pencil holder, candle and jewellery dish from Cotton On Home.

Plants and terracotta pots from Bunnings.

Desk accessories/ stationery from Officeworks.

Curtains, curtain rail and wardrobe handles from Ikea.