Bunzi Love

bunzi5duo.pngHappy Sunday!

I saw a post the other day from a mum asking about balance bikes that would make a suitable Christmas present for her 18month old. I told her to check out the one we have and I thought I would share it on here as well. Looking for a balance bike that is A) adaptable with your child’s growth and B) not super tacky proved kind of difficult for me to find. Don’t get me wrong Chet has more than his fair share of ugly toys (that I don’t post photos of on insta.) I am definitely not one of those mums who ‘only have wooden toys to suit their decor.’ I don’t mind if his toys are brightly coloured because I would rather buy products that can adapt with Chet’s growth and development, although preferably something which is not novelty branded lol.

I was super happy to come across the Chillafish Bunzi 2-in-1 Gradual Balance Bike from Colorific Toys. It looks fun and has a really cute innovative design. We got it for Chet just before his second birthday because we weren’t sure how quickly he would learn to balance on two wheels. This balance bike can be switched from 3 wheels to 2 wheels in literally a few seconds. It’s actually really impressive haha! Here is a demo at how easily it can be swapped between the two modes.

This bike is really compact and lightweight making it easy for Chet to steer and convenient for us take to the beach or park. He had a ride on car before we got the Bunzi but it was too heavy and big for him… he always crashed into things or lost control which made him upset or frustrated. The three wheel mode makes it hard for the bike to tip over which is perfect for younger toddlers but as you can see from the above demo, the two wheel mode resembles a traditional (but way cooler) balance bike.

Chet’s faveeee part is the little trunk. No joke, he hides everything in there!!! Dummies, snacks, little toy cars, muesli bar wrappers, things he has stolen from my handbag eg, my drivers license, loose change, paperclips and tampons lol. The cutest thing I found in there recently was a Polaroid picture of Shaun and I. My heart exploded at the fact he wanted to keep his mummy and daddy in his car while he drove around like a hoon haha.

If you think your toddler would love one for Christmas, I have attached a link below to the 3 available colours.

Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike || Blue || SHOP HERE

Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike || Pink || SHOP HERE

Chillafish Bunzi Balance Bike || Red || SHOP HERE

Anyway, we packed his boot full of bread this morning and went down to feed the ducks. It was so sweet.

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

Much Love

T xx






Spring/ Summer Girl’s Bedroom


Happy Saturday.

First of all, thank you for all the lovely Insta feedback on my last Spring/ Summer Styling post. It was a lot of fun redecorating our guest bedroom in a fresh colour palette ready for the warmer months ahead.

I know a lot of my followers are seasonal decorators, meaning, you love to freshen up your decor to suit the climate and trending colours, so today I would love to show you something a little different. I have put together a girl’s bedroom design using colour (once again) as my Summer Hero and some great products that are both affordable and easily accessible from your local Vicinity Centre.


When I think of spring styling, colour is the most important design principle in my opinion. I love mixing both pastel and bright shades in children’s interior, especially in the warmer seasons. Fun, vibrant patterns and textures are a ‘styling must’, paired with lightweight linen and bursts of colour. These elements differ to the hero pieces I style throughout the cooler months because I tend to use a lot of chunky layers and dark, moody bedding in winter.

In order for a well designed children’s room to look visually appealing, both colour and balance need to be carefully used together to ensure the overall space isn’t busy or ‘obtrusive’ to the eye lol (yes that is a thing.) I will share how to briefly achieve this further down, but for now these are the trending colours I fell in love with to create a fresh, little retreat.


Below is my ‘Shop the Look’ design concept featuring some gorgeous summer hero products from your local Vicinity Centre, find your nearest here.

For more summer shopping and fashion inspiration from Vicinity Centre visit yoursummerheroes.com.au and take the Summer Heroes Quiz.


  1. Madera Table Lamp || Kmart || $20.00
  2. Milo Side Table || Adairs || $179.00
  3. Ultra Soft Jersey ‘Flecks’ Single Bedlinen || Adairs || $149.95 now $49.95. See in store.
  4. 5 Piece Comforter Set || Kmart || $29.00 (I have only used the bear cushion.)
  5. Waffle Quilt Cover Set Single || Target || From $49.95
  6. Vintage Washed Standard Pillowcase Pair Luxe Pink || Adairs || $69.95 Now $19.95. See in store.
  7. Vintage Washed European Pillowcase Sky || Adairs || $69.95 now $19.95. See in store.
  8. Ivory Single Sheepskin || Adairs || $169.95
  9. Wooden Name Blocks || Kmart || $15.00
  10. Bamboo Basket || Kmart || $6.00
  11. DIY pom poms || Wool from Big W || $2.00 each roll
  12. Copper Round Mirror || Kmart || $19.00 (the product description says oval but mine is definitely circle lol.)

As you can see from the above, there are some great Spring/ Pre-Christmas sales on at the moment that makes redecorating somewhat affordable at your local Vicinity Centre. I see a lot of mumma’s redecorate or adding some fresh touches to their children’s bedrooms in time for Christmas so please feel free to use the links above for a little bit of Christmas-Shopping-Inspo. Be quick though because selected items (although only purchased last week) will sell out quickly.

I also love to craft during summer and often find myself embracing some sort of small project in the evening, while sitting outside watching Chet play under the sprinkler. DIY projects can be a great way to add colour and personality into your child’s bedroom. In this case I made some super cute pom poms from wool that I bought from Big W and tied them a ‘basic’ Kmart bamboo basket. The finished product looks a million dollars (slight exaggeration) but only cost me $14 altogether. It ties the basket in with the bedding and creates a fun, on trend vibe for this girl’s bedroom.



Lastly, I just wanted to give a couple of pointers on how to use colour effectively to create an overall balanced space. I get a lot of emails from ladies who struggle with this topic so I will quickly share my process.

  1. I choose my ‘hero piece’. In this room I am focusing on the colours of the quilt cover.
  2. I find ways to link each area of the room back to the hero piece. You can see that the flowers compliment the bedding, Pom Poms and blocks. Whereas the furniture and basket compliments each other in shape, style and colour.


What you want to achieve is a smooth transition when the eye bounces around the room, as well as in your photographic images.

Well I think that’s enough of me for this afternoon. I hope you have a lovely weekend and find these Summer Hero products as delightful as I do. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will be in touch.

Much Love,

T xx




Last night, I finished work early (early being like 11:30pm,) I had a shower, I scooped up my little love and bought him into our bed. I began scrolling through Insta like I always do then had a look at the trending news reports on my phone.

I came across the heartbreaking news of the Davidson family deaths in NSW and sat in bed stroking my baby’s hair while I sobbed for them.

It really struck a chord deep within me and made me think about my own life. Often I will complain about bad lighting in a photo, or a bad night sleep, or even period pain. What the hell!!!!! Why am I complaining about these minuscule things when families are struggling with real issues and people are living on the street without a roof over their head.

I am so blessed. Blessed with health, blessed with a beautiful family, a hard working and loving husband, a beautiful boy to call our son. We live comfortably with a steady income, a roof over our head and fresh food to eat every night. I’m blessed with incredible supportive friends and luxuries I really do not need to make me happy.

There’s no real point to this blog post and I am certainly not going to pass judgement on this poor family’s thought process or actions. I feel for them. I’m heartbroken reading the news but hoping they are resting in peace altogether above. What I will do is send out some virtual flowers and love in hope it puts a smile on at least one person’s face today.

flowers copy.jpg

  • To those struggling with mental illness
  • To those who have sick children
  • To people who are subjected to abuse or violence
  • To those who’s health or family’s health is poor
  • To those struggling with income or living in poverty somewhere in the world.
  • To women going through PND and to couples struggling to conceive.
  • To those who are down with life in general or who are just having a shitty day…

I could go on and on forever, but I just wanted to send a huge virtual hug to everyone experiencing difficult times in their life. I do donate to various charities but sometimes a special thought is what counts in this very moment.

Tell your loved ones you care for them and better yet SHOW them you love them. Hold your babies tight and cut the people who only contact you when “it benefits them” out of your life. God knows I can rattle off a list right here, right now.

Be grateful for life and air you breathe.

Much love to everyone,

T xx


Fresh Spring/ Summer Styling


Happy Monday Everyone.

Now that we are officially well into Spring I wanted to freshen up our Guest Bedroom to suit the warmer months ahead. I am adoring soft pastel hues of sage and blush together at the moment paired with white and grey base shades. It feels fresh and soft for Spring/ Summer and gave me a chance to redecorate (woohoo.) I always get asked where I source product from so I thought I would also share a ‘shop the look’ section and highlight the importance of using colour to get your bedroom summer ready. As always I use a wide range of accessible and affordable products from known retailers- this makes redecorating easy and enjoyable.

Most stylists use a hero piece when creating a room design. It is usually a throw, or lamp, or rug, or a particular linen to wow the eye, but I wanted to use ‘colour’ as my statement in this space. I have used it in a variety of different ways and at different price points to create an overall harmonised vibe when walking into our Guest Bedroom. Bringing some natural oak furniture and leather into the surroundings also helped to add texture and warmth among the soft pastel hues.


Below is a ‘shop the look’ concept with all of these great summer hero products from your local Vicinity Centre, find your nearest here.

For more summer shopping and fashion inspiration from Vicinity Centres visit yoursummerheroes.com.au and take the Summer Heroes Quiz.


  1. Vintage Wash Quilt Set White | Adairs | $299.95 now $179.95
  2. Macedon Pink Cushion | Adairs | $34.95
  3. White 300 TC Fitted and Flat Sheet | Target | $29.00 Each
  4. Quilted Sage Coverlet | Adairs | $149.95
  5. Cambridge Tan Flats |Novo | $59.95 now $15.00
  6. Blush Sheepskin | Adairs | $135.95
  7. Brooklyn Bedside Table | Adairs | $249.95
  8. Basque Vase Pink | Adairs | $24.95
  9. Marble Candle | Kmart | $6.00
  10. Madera Table Lamp | Kmart | $20.00

As you can see from the above shopping list there are options to invest in some products or alternatives to shop on a budget. If you like to style on a budget there is always the option to easily replace the higher priced items for something cheaper (I personally like a mix of both!) and this will not necessarily alter the look of the overall room. For example- Instead of using a real Sheepskin, you may choose a Faux Blush Sheepskin found at Kmart, and if you would like an alternative quilt cover option you can purchase the White Waffle Quilt Cover found at Target. As long as the colours are adhered to, the products can be slightly altered to suit your budget. This is another reason why I loved using ‘colour’ as my summer hero instead of one particular ‘wow’ item.


KMART ‘Madera’ Lamp $20 || MYER ‘Smith & Co’ Candle $26.21 || ADAIRS ‘Basque’ Pink Vase $24.95 || MYER ‘The Aromatherapy Company’ Hand Cream $14.96

I loved redecorating this room and am really pleased with the outcome. It’s such a nice change to have some pastels in our home and to pack away the dark, moody shades. Also, feel free to recreate this Spring/ Summer look in your own home and don’t forget to show me your images 😀 I love seeing pictures of my designs bought to life in your home so tag away friends.

Much Love,

T xx


Bridal Shower Pics


Hello hello,

I thought I would share some images of my Mum’s Bridal Shower that my sister and I organised in case there are any Bridesmaids (or even expecting mummas) looking for Bridal Shower or Baby Shower inspiration. It was so much fun to celebrate with my Mum and some of her closest friends before the big day this Saturday. We started off with a ‘Cheeky High Tea’ at my place for two hours and then hopped on a party bus and did a Swan Valley Wine Tour until the late afternoon. I thought I would share my suppliers with you (this is not a sponsored post) because I was so impressed with every aspect of the day and they all deserve some love.

You may have noticed I said a ‘Cheeky High Tea’ just above…. uh YES!!! My sister and I totally hired a hot topless waiter to greet the guests with champagne. Then he served us tea, cake and scones, not to mention a whole lot of visual delight for the next 2 hours haha. It was a fun way to get everyone giggling and bought the cheeky side of a Hen’s Night into a Bridal Shower. We hired BEN from Alpha Males and he was such a nice person. Not cocky at all and apart from all the serving and interacting Ben did, he even washed my dishes…eeeeehehe! Can we keep him Shaun? I won’t share any photos of him on here because I don’t know their policy but click the link above if you’re a bit keen to check him out 😉


We got the majority of our gorgeous tea sets and hire products from Wish Upon A Well. The ladies were so helpful and attentive to our order… everything was labelled which made it super easy for me to set up and style the day before. We hired the Vintage High Tea Package for 20 people as well as the Americana Chairs seen above. If you’re organising a High Tea for any occasion in Perth, I definitely recommend visiting Wish Upon A Well’s website. I found them to have the best value for money and the quality is beautiful.

I have to mention the sweets from Petit Cakes Perth next because I am craving cake now, after uploading all of these pics lol. Lael, whatever pink macaron you made us, can I order like a box of 900? They were DIVINE!!! From memory we ordered 40 mini cupcakes, 20 mini lemon meringue kisses and 40 macarons. Everything was delicious and I knew it would be because I had used Petit Cakes Perth for Chet’s 1st Birthday. Both parties we received a tonne of comments on how delicious the sweets were, so thank you Lael.


I couldn’t help myself when I found Salt & Pepper’s ECLECTIC RANGE and I had to buy a few pieces to keep for future tea parties. They were affordable and the quality is perfect. I figured I will definitely use them again because my Nanna and Poppy often come over for tea and a biscuit. The scallop plates were also a must because, well I don’t really have a reason except that they’re gorgeous!!!  I wanted a scallop plate at my wedding but do you think I could find them anywhere in 2013? Nope! Below is a quick ‘Shop the Look’ so you can easily find which products I have used from S&P.

hens1 copy.jpg

  1. Tea Pot | $49.95 | Shop here
  2. Sugar Bowl and Cremer Set | $19.95 | Shop here
  3. Rose Gold teaspoons | $44.95 | Shop here
  4. Gold candle | $19.95 | Shop here
  5. Scalloped Cake Plate | $9.95 | Shop here



To the blooms. You can’t have a High Tea without flowers and Lee from Floral State never everrrr gets it wrong. Every time I make a request for a particular colour or flower she goes out of her way to exceed my expectations. You all know how much I love buying fresh flowers from her so just show Lee some love when you are buying a bouquet next. You will not be disappointed.

5M7B1756 copy.jpg

I will also quickly touch on a few of my DIY creations in case you’re interested.

The fabric backdrop- I bought $150 worth of fabric from Textile Traders in various shades of pink/ peach (including a lace) and a 2.4meter long piece of dowel from Bunnings. I think I got 4 meters of fabric per colour because you loop/ tie it onto the dowel in half lengths. The material I bought is a 100% cotton gauze and I found this type of material had the nicest colours and also had a more expensive look. I then bought 4 packets of the LED twinkle lights from Kmart which were $5 each and weaved them through. I double side taped the battery pack underneath the trestle table so it wasn’t visible.

The runner is also just fabric from Textile Traders and we simply cut it to the desired thickness. From memory I think it was $20 per meter.

We had (2 x) 90cm Giant Balloons filled at our local party shop and we bought 4meters of white tulle from Spotlight to create a softer looking ‘tutu’ balloon to fit the theme.

The little mercury glass votives are mine that I bought in 2013 for our wedding so unfortunately I don’t have a link for those sorry.


And lastly, some people may question why my sister and I went a little crazy in celebrating and decorating the Bridal Shower. My mum was a single parent for a lot of my sister’s and my childhood. She worked so hard to make sure we were never ‘without’ and always provided us with a comfortable lifestyle. We didn’t have expensive things but what I did have, I took for granted like most children/ teenagers. So the Bridal Shower was purely to say a little thank you for everything you have done for us and to make her feel special. We had such a lovely day together celebrating with some of her closest friends and I can’t wait to see her marry Mark (who’s possibly the nicest guy on the planet.)

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I’m off for a bridesmaid’s pamper today (mani, pedi and massage) yay!

Much Love

T xx






Amonie Ring Boxes


Happy Saturday everyone!

I have the biggest wedding fever lately thanks to my mum getting married in 2 weeks!!… And I am not complaining at all. I adore weddings and loved organising our wedding in November 2013. It was so fun and a tad stressful (because I am a total perfectionist) but it came together incredibly and we had such a love filled, fairy tale day.

I have been helping my mum with styling the venue, dress and shoe shopping, going to wedding gown appts, bridal shower planning, open days… you name it, I’ve been there excited to help if need be. However, she recently asked me if I knew where she could buy a sweet ring box that Noah (my eldest Nephew) could take down the aisle with the Page Boys. I had only ever seen tacky, ugly ones but a few days later I came across these stunning Amonie Ring Boxes.


The Amonie Ring Boxes are a modern take on a vintage French ring box which is why I think I adore them so much. Our wedding was influenced by pretty french details and soft, dreamy pastels. There are an array of gorgeous velvet colours available on Sally’s brand new website including:

Dusty Rose | Shop Here

Hydrangea | Shop Here

Light Blue | Shop Here

Light Grey | Shop Here

Marsala | Shop Here

My favourites are the ‘Dusty Pink’ for a soft, dreamy wedding. The ‘Marsala’ for a Rustic Australian wedding and the ‘Hydrangea’ for something blue. The ‘Light Grey’ would be ideal for the grooms and any colour would make stunning gifts for your bridesmaids containing a delicate friendship ring to wear on the day.


My mum chose the dusty pink colour to match our bridesmaids dresses which are a soft blush colour and also our bouquets which will be full of gorgeous pinky peach blooms. If you are planning a wedding don’t forget that the photographer will take detailed shots of your accessories (especially the rings) like I have in this blog post, so it always looks nicer if the colours are complimenting.

The boxes are designed in Australia and made using the finest velvet and ribbon materials. Their simple design ensures a timeless keepsake and will easily become a heirloom piece you can pass down through generations to come.

I have also kept a couple for myself because I don’t wear my rings in the shower or when bathing Chet so I will put one in the guest bathroom and our ensuite so I can safely place my rings in there for safe keeping. My hubby will read this and comment, “you don’t even wear your engagement ring.” Yes that’s true at the moment, only because it doesn’t fit properly at the moment, but I do wear my birth present ring which is also lovely.


So for any brides-to-be looking for a stunning ring box for either their own wedding rings or a sweet bridesmaids gift, I recommend you take a squizz at Amonie. You will be delighted with the gorgeous colours available and the craftsmanship of the box itself. Shop here.

Have a lovely weekend- I’m going to be organising more Bridal Shower decorations for next weekend eeek.

Much love

T xx