A Long Overdue Post!


Hey everyone!

Sorry I have been quiet lately! I’m still here and should probably take the time to write a few new posts. One topic that a lot of people wanted me to write about is how I shed 10kg in a fairly short amount of time. This will probably cross over onto another post but I thought it may be nice to have a starting point. Firstly, I want to make it very clear that in no way whatsoever am I qualified in health, nutrition or fitness haha. I’m actually very much the opposite. I know very little about health but I didn’t need someone to tell me the lifestyle I was living a few months ago wasn’t the best for my body, my happiness or my self esteem. So this post is going to be quite raw and honest- me opening up about the lows and highs of the past few months and how the change has made me a much happier person.


Pre baby I had a slim build and sat around the 63-65kilo mark. I’m 176cm tall so that evens out kinda well, I think? Meh, I don’t know but I was never unhappy with the way I looked. I put on over 20kg when I was pregnant with Chet in 2014. I carried and birthed a beautiful 9lb8 baby boy which I’m beyond proud of. The weight did drop off quite a bit when I was breast feeding but as soon as Chet stopped breast feeding, the weight literally started piling back on. I probably wasn’t eating as healthy as I should have been either, because I struggled finding motivation to cook healthy meals for myself, when Shaun worked fifo (fly in fly out.)

Fast forward to the beginning of 2017 and I really wasn’t feeling good about myself. I hadn’t worn swimwear in 2 years, I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes, I dreaded getting undressed and having to look in the mirror before stepping in the shower and I wore jeans through the entire summer season in Perth. Holy hell, it was hot. I was around 73kilos then…

In April, my world was turned upside down when my husband and I separated. It was and still is, a very emotional time for me. I’m not going to go into detail about the split because he deserves his own privacy, but what I will share are my feelings. I felt so low, I didn’t want to leave the house because I felt even worse about my appearance. The only time I really ever left home, is to take Chet to the playground or to catch up with my closest friends and their children… people who would never judge me. I continued for another 2 and a half months of shitty eating and more weight gain before I forced myself to take a picture of the truth. A picture that depicted how truly unhappy I was. It actually makes me emotional remembering those awful feelings… but anyway, that’s exactly why I needed to kick my butt into gear and I’m so thankful I did before it got worse.




In the first image above (in July) I weighed about 75ish kilos and now just over 13 weeks later I’m 11kilos lighter. I’m feeling sooo, SO happy with my progress and I’m also super proud that I actually STUCK with the small, healthier changes I put in place. I know I was never super overweight and I am a huge believer of worshiping all body types, large or small. As long as you’re happy and love the skin you’re in, then it really doesn’t matter how toned or squishy you are. For me it’s not even the digits lost, it’s the complete 360 in mentality that has made me feel at peace again! I’ll share what I did below but as I mentioned above, I am not an expert (in any way, shape or form) when it comes to health and fitness.

I started food shopping online for Chet and I. I found this great because I wasn’t tempted by the chocolate sales. The only treat I now buy are small Kinder bars and the rest of my shop is mainly packed full of fruit, veges, rice, lean meat and nuts etc…. I swapped my usual peanut butter toast for a smoothie in the morning and I also give Chet some with his breakfast. The smoothies consist of:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 apple
  • 1/2 pear
  • 3 strawberries
  • blueberries
  • a handful of kale or baby spinach
  • half an avocado
  • passionfruit pulp
  • 100grams of yoghurt
  • and black chia seeds.




I carry a small container of trail mix in my car so if I get hungry in between jobs I’m not tempted to get something naughty. If I have more than one coffee a day, only one can have sugar in it (lol) and I usually ask for a skinny latte now. Other than that, I just cut down my portion sizes because I’d often just eat whatever was on my plate even if I was full.

I started doing 30mins of exercise a day. I haven’t re-joined a gym but I’ve been doing some light workouts at home and running laps across the road at the park. I will start muscle building soon, however, to date I have only been following a ‘no equipment workout video.’ I found a free one on YouTube that just worked for me. As a beginner I didn’t want one that was too intense but now that I’m familiar with the below sessions, I swap the workouts around and focus on the areas I want to tone more. After I finish the 20min workout, I run 20 laps of 100meters back and forth, then do another round of crunches. My belly button will never be super toned because my scar tissue (of having a piercing) stretched so much when I was pregnant… I actually remember my mum warning me of that when I was 13 and thinking she was a liar haha!!!



I actually asked Insta for recommendations on their fave workouts and the majority said either Shaun T25, Kayla Itsines or Sam Wood. So if the above videos don’t suit you, maybe give those a go too 🙂

Besides committing to a healthier lifestyle there’s obviously a factor of stress involved too- I’d be naive to think otherwise. The separation and pressures of adjusting to my new ‘single mum title’ has been tough but in saying that, I’m definitely taking care of myself now, more than ever. With Chet by my side and an amazing network of friends and family, I can accomplish anything.

If you’ve been wanting to make a healthier change in your life, I urge you to do it. It helped my mentality and confidence ten fold! The future seems brighter and I feel refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges. My intention for this post is not to gain praise, compliments or sympathy, it’s purely to acknowledge my own efforts and hopefully get someone else feeling positive about their body image.

If I haven’t covered something properly, if you have any questions OR if you have any suggestions on things I could improve on please feel free to leave a comment below.

Much love,

T x






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19 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Post!

  1. Wow and wow. I had a bit of a free fall moment two years ago when we were on holiday and I saw myself in a 360 mirror I could no longer hide from the reality I’d let things slide and gone from a size 10 to a 14. Fast forward to now and I’m loving myself again and the fact that I’m turning 50 next year 😳 but feeling so strong. It’s so worth the effort to regain our mental and physical strength. Love yourself and everything else will follow xxx


  2. Fantastic read. I’m too going going through the same unhealthy habits & self loathing. Next week I’ve joined a 13 week ‘happy new you’ programme. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for writing such an honest blog. Hugest hugs xx


  3. You look incredible & should be so proud, not only for your weight loss & the healthy changes you have made but also for speaking out & sharing this, it certainly takes alot of courage to open up about such personal issues. Im sure your story will give many others the encouragement to look ahead as well.
    Wishing you & Chet the very best hun. 💖💖💖


  4. You look incredible & should be so proud, not only for your weight loss & the healthy changes you have made but also for speaking out & sharing this, it certainly takes alot of courage to open up about such personal issues. Im sure your story will give many others the encouragement to look ahead as well.
    Wishing you & Chet the very best hun. 💖💖💖


  5. Such an inspiring read, thank you so much for sharing! Go you for achieving all that with so much on your plate. Wishing you all the best with whatever the future brings 💗


  6. Thank you so much for sharing. This is really inspirational. I’ve been wanting to eat better and exercise again since I gave birth but have been putting it off because I’m ‘too busy’ or ‘too tired’…your results are amazing and make me feel like I can do it all with just a few changes. So happy for you and glad to hear that you have so much support around you when you need it most. Big hugs and thank you again! Xxx


  7. Hey hun,
    So I’ve been a PT for over a decade, well before it became the cool thing to do.
    I don’t practice anymore as I’ve got a neck injury and rheumatoid arthritis, but Im happy to answer any questions you have.
    I’m an Environmental Geochemist now, so I approached my learning like a scientist, I guess I’m just saying I’ve done the research from actual articles not from social media!

    All I truly want (as cliché as it sounds), is EVERYONE to have access to the correct information to make their own decisions in life and figure out what works best for them.

    Btw Ive reviewed a LOT of programs, & I can honestly say Kayla’s is very good. Mostly because it supports and encourages everyone in such an amazingly positive way! I was beyond impressed what she built!
    The only thing she doesn’t have is much about the different injuries people might have or about understanding niggles vs pain etc etc. But seriously, that’s such a big topic and risky to talk about that I totally get it.

    Anyways, sk this is totally random I know, but if you’ve any Qs or advice I’m more than happy to help.
    I’m pretty used to restarting fitness given how many times I’ve had to do it after surgeries. And i lost 40kg originally by teaching myself about it all.
    And apart from the PT business I used to have, I’ve coached a few friends online to help them lose weight so I’ve heard about every Q there is 😉

    Anyways the more i write the more freaky i prob sound! So I’ll shut up 😜.
    But seriously, all I truly care about is everyone having access to the info that can change their life. We all deserve to feel amazing physically and mentally!!

    Congrats on all you’ve achieved. Its very impressive to dig that swodeep to pull yourself or of that hole!!
    All the best in the future. You’re totally killing it right now.
    And you’ve taught your baby that we all have some control over the way we react to circumstances. Seriously, that’s such an amazing gift to give him and i can’t begin to imagine how hard it must have been!

    Good luck Miss!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh hon I’m so sorry it’s been such a tough year for you. You have done an amazing job – not because of the specific weight loss – but for recognising where you were at and getting yourself back to your ‘happy place’. I know it doesnt fix everything – but feeling good about yourself is like insurance for the bad days. So inspired! I’m off to throw all my birthday chocolate in the bin!!!


  9. So sorry to hear of your heartache. Just remember, it takes both rain and shine to make a rainbow. Here’s to happy times ahead for you now X

    Btw – you look amazing, well done beautiful xxx 💛


  10. Great blog. I identified with it on almost every level. Its not easy to bare your life and struggles for all to see. Bravo for a brave and inspiring post xx


  11. I read this post a little while ago and have been meaning to comment. The post really resonated with me and I kept thinking about it (and you) for quite a while afterwards (that may be weird.. sorry!). It was a really inspiring post and I just think how awesome it is how incredibly talented you are, and that you are doing so well after the s**t time you have had. Onwards and upwards and I wish you lots of happiness and success. P.S. You look AMAZING (jealous)!!! X


  12. Oh my god Tarina!! Good on You!!! Thanks for sharing. The heartache gets easier especially when you start focusing on yourself and being good to yourself. You should be so proud. Go girl!!! You look amazing!!! X


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