Chet’s Toddler Bedroom


Happy Monday!!

I think it’s probably time to post a few photos of Chet’s room, don’t you think lol? It’s bright and full of his favourite things at the moment… animals!! Chet loves (absolutely adores) them, so I have very loosely designed his room around animals. It has a fun, modern scandi vibe and I like that the room doesn’t follow a generic theme eg it’s not marine animals, farm animals or woodland animals etc… In replacement of sticking to a ‘theme’ I have used a consistent colour palette instead, to achieve a sweet toddler space for our little love.

You may recognise the Milton and King wallpaper from a recent install I did for another lucky little boy- Thomas. I fell in love with it originally for Chet’s room although I didn’t think Shaun would let me put wallpaper up because “I change my mind too often.” Fair call babe, but after specifying and getting it installed in Thomas’s bedroom, I was sold… It is a design that is super versatile and that can adapt as he grows older. The details are listed further down in the ‘Shop the Look’ section.




Another piece I wanted to keep was a canopy. Yes I know, it seems like everyone in the world has one, but I definitely needed a large area (of contrasting colour) to break up the two walls of patterned wallpaper. I switched from our previous white Numero 74 canopy to an ice blue one from Talo Interiors to make more of a statement. I then paired it with the matching ice blue quilt and mixed blues garland to tie everything in. I bought a bunch of other great children’s decor from Talo Interiors but I’ll list them further down in the ‘Shop the Look’ section.

Please Note- Before hanging anything over an infant’s sleeping space please read through the SIDS guidelines first. You can find one here.

One of the questions I get asked most about is where I bought Chet’s furniture from- you can find it all on the Urban Baby website. We have the River Single Bed, Night Stand and Merlin 3 Draw Dresser. All three pieces are Oeuf NYC brand. The craftsmanship is amazing, the price is reasonable and they are simply great quality products. I’m super dooper happy with our purchases and the level of service I always receive from Russell and Amelia.



Chet’s room (actually all the rooms in our home) are teensy tiny so I did face some struggles while designing his room. The bed can literally only go in that one spot because it has the bench seat on the end which makes it a fair bit longer than a normal single size bed. On the left of the drawers is Chet’s wardrobe so the dresser can only be put in that one spot as well. The wall in between the curtains and the canopy is not large enough to have two 50x70cm prints on the wall, but it is too large for just one…

I have always loved the animal print shop’s beautiful prints so I bit the bullet and purchased one of their limited edition ‘Baby Porcupine’ prints. It’s amazing, huge (86x100cm framed) and fits along that wall perfectly. I had Terraze at Art’s Edge frame it for me and she did such an outstanding job. I also got the glass upgraded so the reflections don’t show as harshly- best investment everrrr!



One of the other tricky factors I had to consider was the corner window of Chet’s room. It is not only a corner window; it’s a floor to ceiling corner window lol. So as much as I adore the natural sunlight it lets in, I find it tricky to style that area because anything I photograph there ‘blows out.’ It also means that I need to use different height variations so there isn’t a huge white space above the storage baskets. I was thinking either a children’s coat rack or floor lamp. I was so torn until I found the Cuba Floor Lamp from Life Interiors. The colour is spot on and it looks amazing in this corner of his room.



Wallpaper ||  Milton and King

Furniture || Urban Baby Shop

Numero74 canopy || Talo Interiors

Numero74 duvet cover || Talo Interiors

Numero74 blue garland || Talo Interiors

Round muskhane rug || Talo Interiors

Tiger and fox head || Talo Interiors

Donkey head || Leo and Bella

Floor lamp || Life Interiors

Tan ottoman and cushion || Onyx&Smoke

Pendant lamp || Cheeky Reubens

Lamb on a stick || Ooh Noo

Felt seat cushions and mushrooms || Growing Footprints

Leather crown || Little Connoisseur

Bedding || Camomile London

Fox teddy || Scandikid

Grandest Bear || Grandyandbaa

Bear cushion || Boo & Bear

Wooden Camera || Moose In The Moon




It was so lovely to show Chet his room after the wallpaper and main items went in. We actually had my nephews over that weekend and you should have heard Chet. He said, “Come on Noah and Oookey (Lukey,) i’ll show my tiger,” in the most excited squeaky voice. Gah heart explosion. So they went off to his room and started parading around like wild beasts lol. Anyway, it feels great to have such a fun, vibrant room in our home that will help inspire creativity and his growing little mind.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding Chet’s room or if you would like design help with your little love’s bedroom/ playroom.

Much Love,

T xx






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77 thoughts on “Chet’s Toddler Bedroom

  1. Another beautiful room, Tarina! I’m moving my toddler into a big boy room soon so great inspiration!!! Can I trouble you for the link to the wall book shelves? I love the white and wood combo!


    1. Of course! The shelves are from TheTimbaTrend . Mine are custom colours so I didn’t link it but I’m sure Connie would love to help you out. Have fun decorating 💙😘


  2. Sure does. The colour just looked a little different on their website. Thanks so much. Absolutely love your work!


  3. hello, LOVE. What colour is the hanging pendant light? where di you purchase the large brown bloomingville bear from? and what size quilted blanket did you purchase from camomile, single or large single? thank you


  4. Hi, I love your style! You’ve given me so much inspiration for my daughter’s room. I just ordered the muskhane rug from talo interiors and gave you a plug. Xx


  5. Tarina this room got to me like a pregnancy craving!! I am in uber love with the wallpaper and we used it as a feature wall in my newborn sons room with dark blue walls. I was looking through the blog and comments but I couldn’t find where you bought the brown pillow (on the bed). And also what did you use as a light (ceiling), I’m stuck on what to use for a boys room. Any suggestions would be so very appreciated. 😊


    1. Hi lovely. Thank you so much for the comment. The tan cushion is listed with the ottoman from Onyx and Smoke. It’s gorgeous and faux so it’s perfect for kiddies. The light we have in there is one from beacon- I forget the name but it’s white metal with the wood stem. It matches the Oeuf furniture perfectly ❤️ Xx


  6. Sorry one more question! Where is the “kailedscope” felt cushion from?! It’s got the camera on top of it!


  7. I love what you have done with your son’s room! I have two boys and wanted to do somethingn similar for each of them. Do you have any recommendations for bedding/room colors to go with Talor’s gold canopy?



  8. Hi, there! I love your blog. It helped me a lot with my nursery project. I was totally lost before I found it. Thank you very much for sharing your amazing job with us.

    I have a question for you. I just bought some Fiona Walker animal heads and they are very wrinkled and have a strong smell. What can I do to fix them? Any tips? Hugs from Brazil.


    1. Hi Charles

      I’m so glad you found my post helpful and inspirational 🙂 I’m sorry I can’t really help with the wrinkles and smell with the heads because mine weren’t like that. Maybe try messaging the store you bought them from. Usually I would say to steam the wrinkles out but because it’s essentially a cushion inside I would advise not to do that. Good luck.

      Tarina 🙂


  9. Can i ask are the fairy lights silver or gold from scandikid? and the bare bones light cord pendant is that all black cord and pendant? and fianally the lovely yellow spotty pillowcase, where is this from? lovely taste


  10. Hi Tarina,
    Just wanted to say you have an amazing talent. This bedroom is so perfectly styled and timeless. I’m totally inspired but… If you were in Canada, I would absolutely use your service!


  11. Hi! May I ask you one more question, please? What’s the size of the tan ottoman? Is it 60x20cm or 60x40cm? Thanks so much xx


  12. Hi Tarina, this room is divine! All the heart eyes over here 😍

    I have big ideas for my little man’s nursery but I also have brown carpet which throws everything out – do you have any suggestions on a colour scheme that will match the carpet? I have a gorgeous grey nursing chair that I love but it clashes and I never know how to style..first world problems ha!

    Tash x


      1. Hi Tarina,
        Sorry one more question – what size is the actual print unframed? I have a frame in my sons room that I’m hoping to repurpose and am wondering if it will work with that size 😘


  13. Hi, what a gorgeous boys rooms.
    I have 3 boys sharing a room so good to see you can make boys rooms beautiful!
    Wondering where you bought the bunting near window?


  14. Hello! I’ve scrolled through all the comments here and on your insta! Where can I find those Pom poms? Thanks heaps!!


  15. Thanks so much! I started going in that direction because I couldn’t find anything…also was just reading your blog on bedside tables, I’d love some hints on chests of draws!? Bedsides never seem to have matching ones!!!


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