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Hi everyone,

First of all I quickly want to wish you a Happy New Year. I hope 2017 brings you endless love, laughter and happiness. Thank you for all your support, comments and love throughout 2016.

I am still in holiday mode and way too chilled to post anything substantial, so today I want to share a little magic trick I just discovered to revive wilting hydrangea flowers. I was totally skeptical but the method worked so well- I had to take a few pictures to prove it.

These hydrangeas are like 11 days old. I have kept them in the fridge because Lee my florist is on holiday (how dare she have a break lol) and I wanted them to stay fresh for as long as possible. Refrigerating doesn’t stop them from drooping though so yesterday I tested the below.

  1. boil the kettle with fresh water
  2. re-cut the stem about an inch
  3. poke a hole through a plastic bag
  4. put the flowers in the bag with the stem exposed
  5. pour the boiling water into a heat resistant cup or bucket
  6. place the stem in the boiling water with the bag covering the petals (but not closed at the top.)
  7. leave them in there for as long as they need to hydrate
  8. take out and place in fresh water




in water.png


I only left mine in for about 20 minutes because I had limited time but the difference was very noticeable already. From what I read, an hour or two is a good amount of time to leave in the hot water. I’m not a florist by any means but this little technique did help boost my blooms. It’s definitely worth a try if you are a hydrangea lover like myself and want to prolong their beauty haha.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Much Love,

T xx

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