Interior Lighting

chair.pngGood afternoon everyone.

Just a real quickie today because I’m feeling somewhat better. Woohoo! One question I get emailed about a lot is the lighting in my photography so I thought I would quickly touch on a few points in this post.

First of all, I don’t use any lighting equipment. I have a lot of lighting equipment but I only ever use that for models and studio work. All of the lighting in our home is natural light which is why you will get areas of high light in my photos as well as darker shadows.

I’m a big fan of soft lighting so we had sheer curtains installed by Unique Curtains. These not only make the windows look much prettier but they also diffuse the light and filter out the harsh shadows. Jon and the team at Unique Curtains were super, super amazing and I highly recommend them if you’re looking for window coverings in Perth. The sheers may seem like an obvious lighting trick BUT I also have another few handy points to share.

We also have tint on all of our windows (in various shades depending on which get the most light.) At first I didn’t like it because it makes the house quite dark but it 100% helps with further filtering of the light. It more importantly stops a lot of the heat in summer especially in our master bedroom and the theater room in the afternoon. You could have cooked eggs on our sofa or bed in Summer prior to the tint installation.

Lastly, for people who don’t have sheer curtains, or tint, orrrr have both and want further diffusion I have one last trick for you. I have done this in some homes I have photographed recently although it won’t work on a two storey home lol….. A plain white sheet, pegged onto the gutter OUTSIDE the window will act as a beautiful diffusion in images. Yep! So please don’t try it on a two storey home haha. Give it a try next time you’re photographing your home and let me know if you think it has helped.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone.

Much Love,

T xx


Suppliers of top image

Sheer Curtains | UNIQUE CURTAINS

Chunky Knit | CLOSELY KNIT

Normann Block Table | STEM ONLINE

Butterfly Chair | MUUMUU DESIGN


G playtype poster | IMMY AND INDI



Suppliers of image above


Tan Leather Cushion | NINI CREATIVE

Spliced Leather Cushion | HIDE N CO

White Throw | KATE AND KATE

Marble Candle | EKHI CANDLES





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3 thoughts on “Interior Lighting

  1. Annd for the second storey, you get a little assistant to patiently hold up a sheet infront of the window while you photograph bahahah 😉


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