Spring/ Summer Girl’s Bedroom


Happy Saturday.

First of all, thank you for all the lovely Insta feedback on my last Spring/ Summer Styling post. It was a lot of fun redecorating our guest bedroom in a fresh colour palette ready for the warmer months ahead.

I know a lot of my followers are seasonal decorators, meaning, you love to freshen up your decor to suit the climate and trending colours, so today I would love to show you something a little different. I have put together a girl’s bedroom design using colour (once again) as my Summer Hero and some great products that are both affordable and easily accessible from your local Vicinity Centre.


When I think of spring styling, colour is the most important design principle in my opinion. I love mixing both pastel and bright shades in children’s interior, especially in the warmer seasons. Fun, vibrant patterns and textures are a ‘styling must’, paired with lightweight linen and bursts of colour. These elements differ to the hero pieces I style throughout the cooler months because I tend to use a lot of chunky layers and dark, moody bedding in winter.

In order for a well designed children’s room to look visually appealing, both colour and balance need to be carefully used together to ensure the overall space isn’t busy or ‘obtrusive’ to the eye lol (yes that is a thing.) I will share how to briefly achieve this further down, but for now these are the trending colours I fell in love with to create a fresh, little retreat.


Below is my ‘Shop the Look’ design concept featuring some gorgeous summer hero products from your local Vicinity Centre, find your nearest here.

For more summer shopping and fashion inspiration from Vicinity Centre visit yoursummerheroes.com.au and take the Summer Heroes Quiz.


  1. Madera Table Lamp || Kmart || $20.00
  2. Milo Side Table || Adairs || $179.00
  3. Ultra Soft Jersey ‘Flecks’ Single Bedlinen || Adairs || $149.95 now $49.95. See in store.
  4. 5 Piece Comforter Set || Kmart || $29.00 (I have only used the bear cushion.)
  5. Waffle Quilt Cover Set Single || Target || From $49.95
  6. Vintage Washed Standard Pillowcase Pair Luxe Pink || Adairs || $69.95 Now $19.95. See in store.
  7. Vintage Washed European Pillowcase Sky || Adairs || $69.95 now $19.95. See in store.
  8. Ivory Single Sheepskin || Adairs || $169.95
  9. Wooden Name Blocks || Kmart || $15.00
  10. Bamboo Basket || Kmart || $6.00
  11. DIY pom poms || Wool from Big W || $2.00 each roll
  12. Copper Round Mirror || Kmart || $19.00 (the product description says oval but mine is definitely circle lol.)

As you can see from the above, there are some great Spring/ Pre-Christmas sales on at the moment that makes redecorating somewhat affordable at your local Vicinity Centre. I see a lot of mumma’s redecorate or adding some fresh touches to their children’s bedrooms in time for Christmas so please feel free to use the links above for a little bit of Christmas-Shopping-Inspo. Be quick though because selected items (although only purchased last week) will sell out quickly.

I also love to craft during summer and often find myself embracing some sort of small project in the evening, while sitting outside watching Chet play under the sprinkler. DIY projects can be a great way to add colour and personality into your child’s bedroom. In this case I made some super cute pom poms from wool that I bought from Big W and tied them a ‘basic’ Kmart bamboo basket. The finished product looks a million dollars (slight exaggeration) but only cost me $14 altogether. It ties the basket in with the bedding and creates a fun, on trend vibe for this girl’s bedroom.



Lastly, I just wanted to give a couple of pointers on how to use colour effectively to create an overall balanced space. I get a lot of emails from ladies who struggle with this topic so I will quickly share my process.

  1. I choose my ‘hero piece’. In this room I am focusing on the colours of the quilt cover.
  2. I find ways to link each area of the room back to the hero piece. You can see that the flowers compliment the bedding, Pom Poms and blocks. Whereas the furniture and basket compliments each other in shape, style and colour.


What you want to achieve is a smooth transition when the eye bounces around the room, as well as in your photographic images.

Well I think that’s enough of me for this afternoon. I hope you have a lovely weekend and find these Summer Hero products as delightful as I do. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I will be in touch.

Much Love,

T xx


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Tarina Wood

Just an ordinary, creative girl who is interior obsessed and crazy about her little family.

17 thoughts on “Spring/ Summer Girl’s Bedroom

  1. Oh my goodness Tarina! This looks SO gorgeous! You are amazing you know! I wish I possessed half as much talent as you do. Just incredible. Beautiful work 💕💗💕


    1. Hi Vanessa,
      Yes the lights are linked in the Top Finds under $30 part above. They’re from Target and I have used two packets. The fabric is just cheesecloth from Textile Traders. It cost about $3.99 I think haha xx


  2. I love it! I have the mirror from kmart in my office its so pretty, Adairs has the best sales dont they! Now to find an afternoon to my self to go shopping! So inspirational as always makes me want to clean and re arrange, oh and go shopping hahaha xx



    1. Hehe! I didn’t want to question the Adairs lady when she was putting the sale through… but then I felt bad and was like, “is that the correct price?” and she goes “yeah, it looks like it.” SCOREEEE and I saw some instore just the other day wohoo ❤ xx


  3. I would love to see a boys version too! I have a 16 yr old whose room I’m struggling to complete the styling. I have a heap of ideas but second guess if they will work. Any tips would be greatly received! 😊


  4. Hi! Just wondering where you got the house frame for the bed from?! Transitioning my toddler to a shared infant and toddler room and this would make her super happy!


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