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Hello hello,

I thought I would share some images of my Mum’s Bridal Shower that my sister and I organised in case there are any Bridesmaids (or even expecting mummas) looking for Bridal Shower or Baby Shower inspiration. It was so much fun to celebrate with my Mum and some of her closest friends before the big day this Saturday. We started off with a ‘Cheeky High Tea’ at my place for two hours and then hopped on a party bus and did a Swan Valley Wine Tour until the late afternoon. I thought I would share my suppliers with you (this is not a sponsored post) because I was so impressed with every aspect of the day and they all deserve some love.

You may have noticed I said a ‘Cheeky High Tea’ just above…. uh YES!!! My sister and I totally hired a hot topless waiter to greet the guests with champagne. Then he served us tea, cake and scones, not to mention a whole lot of visual delight for the next 2 hours haha. It was a fun way to get everyone giggling and bought the cheeky side of a Hen’s Night into a Bridal Shower. We hired BEN from Alpha Males and he was such a nice person. Not cocky at all and apart from all the serving and interacting Ben did, he even washed my dishes…eeeeehehe! Can we keep him Shaun? I won’t share any photos of him on here because I don’t know their policy but click the link above if you’re a bit keen to check him out 😉


We got the majority of our gorgeous tea sets and hire products from Wish Upon A Well. The ladies were so helpful and attentive to our order… everything was labelled which made it super easy for me to set up and style the day before. We hired the Vintage High Tea Package for 20 people as well as the Americana Chairs seen above. If you’re organising a High Tea for any occasion in Perth, I definitely recommend visiting Wish Upon A Well’s website. I found them to have the best value for money and the quality is beautiful.

I have to mention the sweets from Petit Cakes Perth next because I am craving cake now, after uploading all of these pics lol. Lael, whatever pink macaron you made us, can I order like a box of 900? They were DIVINE!!! From memory we ordered 40 mini cupcakes, 20 mini lemon meringue kisses and 40 macarons. Everything was delicious and I knew it would be because I had used Petit Cakes Perth for Chet’s 1st Birthday. Both parties we received a tonne of comments on how delicious the sweets were, so thank you Lael.


I couldn’t help myself when I found Salt & Pepper’s ECLECTIC RANGE and I had to buy a few pieces to keep for future tea parties. They were affordable and the quality is perfect. I figured I will definitely use them again because my Nanna and Poppy often come over for tea and a biscuit. The scallop plates were also a must because, well I don’t really have a reason except that they’re gorgeous!!!  I wanted a scallop plate at my wedding but do you think I could find them anywhere in 2013? Nope! Below is a quick ‘Shop the Look’ so you can easily find which products I have used from S&P.

hens1 copy.jpg

  1. Tea Pot | $49.95 | Shop here
  2. Sugar Bowl and Cremer Set | $19.95 | Shop here
  3. Rose Gold teaspoons | $44.95 | Shop here
  4. Gold candle | $19.95 | Shop here
  5. Scalloped Cake Plate | $9.95 | Shop here



To the blooms. You can’t have a High Tea without flowers and Lee from Floral State never everrrr gets it wrong. Every time I make a request for a particular colour or flower she goes out of her way to exceed my expectations. You all know how much I love buying fresh flowers from her so just show Lee some love when you are buying a bouquet next. You will not be disappointed.

5M7B1756 copy.jpg

I will also quickly touch on a few of my DIY creations in case you’re interested.

The fabric backdrop- I bought $150 worth of fabric from Textile Traders in various shades of pink/ peach (including a lace) and a 2.4meter long piece of dowel from Bunnings. I think I got 4 meters of fabric per colour because you loop/ tie it onto the dowel in half lengths. The material I bought is a 100% cotton gauze and I found this type of material had the nicest colours and also had a more expensive look. I then bought 4 packets of the LED twinkle lights from Kmart which were $5 each and weaved them through. I double side taped the battery pack underneath the trestle table so it wasn’t visible.

The runner is also just fabric from Textile Traders and we simply cut it to the desired thickness. From memory I think it was $20 per meter.

We had (2 x) 90cm Giant Balloons filled at our local party shop and we bought 4meters of white tulle from Spotlight to create a softer looking ‘tutu’ balloon to fit the theme.

The little mercury glass votives are mine that I bought in 2013 for our wedding so unfortunately I don’t have a link for those sorry.


And lastly, some people may question why my sister and I went a little crazy in celebrating and decorating the Bridal Shower. My mum was a single parent for a lot of my sister’s and my childhood. She worked so hard to make sure we were never ‘without’ and always provided us with a comfortable lifestyle. We didn’t have expensive things but what I did have, I took for granted like most children/ teenagers. So the Bridal Shower was purely to say a little thank you for everything you have done for us and to make her feel special. We had such a lovely day together celebrating with some of her closest friends and I can’t wait to see her marry Mark (who’s possibly the nicest guy on the planet.)

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I’m off for a bridesmaid’s pamper today (mani, pedi and massage) yay!

Much Love

T xx






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  1. I love every words and pics in this post! Gosh. You made me crave for those rose gold spoon & fork! Wish I could find it in Indonesia. Well congrats & best wishes from me to ur mamma 💕


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