Day 1 of Toilet Training

littleones2.pngHappy Friday everyone!

It’s a literal pants off party today to kick start the (dreaded) beginning of toilet training a big 2year old birthday boy!!! I have been putting it off for a while until Chet started showing signs that he understood what wees and poos were. I have been told that boys are generally a lot harder to toilet train and to make sure he’s ready before we start. I’m not expecting him to master it in a week but I think it’s time to start taking small steps towards a nappy free future. The little darling has only recently started telling me that he has done a stinky. It’s actually the cutest thing ever- he walks up to me and says PYOO-WEE while waving his hand in front of his nose… A gesture he definitely picked up from me. Previously he wouldn’t be bothered by it and I had to keep checking his nappy every so often. He has also started grasping that it is a private thing because he goes into another room now to do his business in peace.

First of all I started researching like most of us would… I went straight to the internet and read page upon page of information. Most of which was boringggggg. So that’s where you come in to save the day (and my sanity.) Mumma’s of toddlers please share your training tips and experiences with me. It can be success or horror stories- I’d love to hear about it from both angles. I know every child learns at a different pace and each parenting style varies but I would still love to read how you and your babe mastered the art of toilet training.


I have changed the brand of nappies we now use as a sign that, “things are changing buddy.” We were lucky enough to test run the new  Little One’s Nappies exclusive to Woolworths, but my only wish is that they had invented them 22 months ago. After using half the pack I went and stocked up on more because:

  1. They have a stretchy waist with tabs to resemble ‘big boy’ undies.
  2. They’re super affordable- I’m talking like $11.00 for a pack of 44 ‘WALKER’ size nappies.
  3. The absorbency is great.
  4. They’re not super bulky like other brands.
  5. They’re a fun, on trend design.

I also bought:

Little One’s baby wipes (we go through so many wipes honestly.)

– Some merit stickers

– His own little hand wash and hand cream.

– And a pack of disposable change mats (to put under the potty as extra precaution.)


For now I’m not rewarding with chocolate or food and instead I have started rewarding with praise, encouragement and a sparkly sticker. When we get to the stage of actually doing business on the toilet, I’ll up my game to something cooler than a sticker haha. OH and we also had a fun little creation called a nappy bouquet delivered (see above)- usually people give them as baby shower gifts but I’m putting a cool spin on it. After Chet had sat on the potty this morning I let him pick a nappy off the bouquet… It’s just a fun novelty thing and he loves pulling the nappies off the stem. He can only have a nappy off of the bouquet if he has sat on the potty for a little bit. If we run out I can easily just roll up some more nappies, pop them on skewers and replenish it to its full glory.

I have read to begin training in the first couple of days, put your child on the potty in the morning, let them sit there and familiarise it, encourage them to do their business and then regardless of whether they do something or not put a nappy back on, then repeat in the afternoon. After a few days if they start to familiarise the potty with wees and poos, let them walk around the house nappy-free and encourage them to go on the potty. If they make an accident, it’s exactly that, an accident. That’s what I got from the most relevant article I read but I’m sure it’s a lot harder than what is stated haha. Here’s my question… Did you keep your children at home while toilet training or did you continue doing daily activities and send them to day care as per usual? I’m contemplating keeping Chet home for a full week to grasp the hang of it without any set backs?


Anyway now I’m off to do the day care pick up and afternoon potty session so have a lovely weekend, wish me luck and please share below if you have any tips, experiences or magical toilet training dust to send our way hehe.

Much Love

T xx

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2 thoughts on “Day 1 of Toilet Training

  1. Toilet training was the hardest thing I did as a parent. I went too early and we had a gastro set back and it took ages for her to recover. That being said once it clicks the no Nappies is amazing!


  2. Send him to day care as usual. It will help with your training, just let them know what you are doing so they can keep it consistent. Our daughter ended up bein better at it whilst at daycare than at home as they respond well to ‘potty peer pressure’!! Good luck!


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