Classic Wooden Toys


Happy weekend everyone!

I thought I would share a really cool store with you this morning that I recently discovered when searching for Chet’s birthday presents… which is next week ARGHHHH!! Where has my tiny, black haired, grumpy, boofa baby gone?

Happy Go Ducky is a husband and wife duo who stock the most incredible children’s wooden toys. All their wooden toy brands are made exclusively in the Czech Republic using sustainable, non toxic materials. So not only do they look stylish and fun, they’re also eco friendly and safe for your child’s adventurous little hands.


I have been collecting wooden toys for Chet since he was born. Don’t get me wrong, even though Chet has an incredible collection of wooden toys we do also have some plastic toys. It would be unrealistic for us to have nothing other than gorgeous wooden toys. I think everyone can agree though, wooden toys are special- they’re a collectable, a time piece, a potential heirloom. I often wish I had a beautiful classic toy to pass down to Chet but being a 90’s kid, I owned a furby, tamagotchi, sky dancer, pikachu bag, polly pocket, gameboy etc etc. They don’t quite compare to the beautiful children’s toys around nowadays. Although, they’re good for a blast-from-the-past giggle.90stoys.jpgI was automatically drawn to the Ceeda Cavity brand because there are so many beautiful designs for boys. In my opinion there is still a hole in the market for boy’s toys and decor in comparison to girl’s, so I was excited to find these incredible designs. Each toy is made from quality beach wood with accents of oak and ash wood which are all sourced in the Czech Republic. It’s hard to capture just how amazing the craftsman ship is but they truly are beautifully made.

I got Chet the:

Wooden Truck | Shop

Bull Dozer | Shop

Helicopter | Shop

Jeep | Shop

for his 2nd birthday buttttt silly me forgot to pack them away after photographing yesterday. When he got home from daycare he found them in his room and it was absolutely impossible to take them off him… I’m not even lying, I had to ROCK HIM TO SLEEP at bed time with 3 blankies, a water bottler, Lucy Lou (his jelly cat donkey), Suzy Moo (his jelly cat bunny), 2 dummies and the damn Jeep. Haha!


Well if you think you may like to purchase one of these beautiful eco friendly toys for your little one, Amy and Vojta have generously provided my followers with a 15% off discount code to use on their online store. Simply enter the codeword Ducky15 a the Happy Go Ducky checkout to claim your discount. Limit one per customer.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and if I’ve learnt anything from this blog post, it would be to hide your kid’s presents before they get home from day care. Oopsie!…

Much Love,

T xx


Chet.pngHe woke up this morning and was straight into his ‘tucks'(trucks) again lol.

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