Colour Crush Continued


As promised last weekend, today’s blog post is the continuation of my mushroom/ lilac colour crush. This time I have put together a mood board based on our Master Bedroom design and created a shopping list for you to easily ‘shop the look.’

It has been well over a week and I’m still in love with these tones! That’s unusual for me… I generally change my mind on decor every half an hour but these hues are soft, romantic and cosy for winter.


As always, the overall colour scheme of the room is grey and white. This makes it easy to add splashes of colour in and take away when I want to redecorate. Pops of colour keep the room looking fresh and on seasonal trend.

‘Shop the look’ below with my easy to navigate shopping list.


  1. Quilted Linen Coverlet- $245-
  2. Light Reindeer Hide- $327-
  3. Velvet Penny Cushion- $49-
  4. Linen cushion- $150-
  5. Concrete/ Glass Pendant- $169 each-
  6. Watercolour Prints- $30 each-
  7. Le Sac En Papier- $18-
  8. Cotton Jersey Linen- Various Sizing-
  9. Spindle Side Table- $139-
  10. MENU candle holder- $140-
  11. Quilted Basket- $65-

My fresh flowers are always purchased from the talented Lee at

You may see some new brand names in the above list. I am always on the hunt for incredible small businesses and when I find jackpot I cannot withhold it from you. These are not sponsored posts and I am purely sharing the love because I adore their brands.


My first ‘new store find’ was lovely Gemma from Jord Home. Although based in the United Kingdom her cotton rugs and luscious hides are affordable and the quality is beyond beautiful. My favourite items from Gemma’s store are… hang on I have about 4 rugs and 2 hides- they’re all equally my favourite.

My second ‘new store find’ was Jo from Oh Deer Doe. Jo actually decided to change her business name from Bonneejo Baby because when I promoted the white quilted linen coverlet on my Master Bed a tonne of people flocked over to find a baby store. Yes. This coverlet is actually a single size quilt which I have used as a bed runner… and what a stunner it is!!!

My third ‘new store find’ was Eve from The Jersey Company. WOW. This bedding is dreamy. I thought I was a linen sheet lover but Eve’s 100% cotton jersey products are heavenly. I have showed a bunch of people and used this set in an exciting photoshoot recently. Everyone who felt it has commented on the soft texture and beautiful colour combination. These are a winner and a must have staple in our home.

My fourth ‘new store find’ was the team over at Oon. Their felt products are unbelievable and I haven’t seen anything on the market like them. In an Instagram world where there are a lot of copycats are born and bred, Oon have crafted the most stunning range of unique felt homewares.

And lastly, a surprising find for you all. My white spindle side tables are actually from Pottery Barn Kids! A kid’s store (an amazing one!) Don’t be fooled though, the height and dimensions are actually larger than some ‘home living’ side tables around making them perfect for our humongously thick mattress… annnnnd they’re so afforable- currently on sale for $111.20 each.


Well I hope you have a lovely weekend and pleeeease… If you go bonkers on the credit card and your husband finds out, breathe no word of this post haha. I already have my own husband on my back telling me to ‘be conscious’ of my spending habits lol.

Much Love,

T xx


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Tarina Wood

Just an ordinary, creative girl who is interior obsessed and crazy about her little family.

6 thoughts on “Colour Crush Continued

  1. The credit card 🙈🙈🙈 I like you don’t do sponsored posts it definitely shows in your styling and it’s refreshing! What type of pillows do you use to get the right about of plump?? I’m also loving the pinks and greys and also a bit of blue for my bedroom. The rest of my house definitely has some colour. I love the idea of neutral but I can’t go past some pops of bright colour!! Great post 🙂 good to see more of you than just in insta xo


    1. Thank you so much for the comment and kind words. I do post sponsored posts regularly but I featured these stores because they’re so talented in their creative fields. I love discovering new brands and sharing them with you all. Have a lovely weekend xx❤️


      1. I think your trick is that it doesn’t look like it. It’s a bit of a turn off for followers so whatever your doing – keep it up!


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