Instagram Resolution Rant


One of the most annoying things about Instagram is it’s terrible resolution when the image is posted to your wall.

I spend so much time photographing images to ensure my clients have the nicest photos for their brand but when I click ‘post’ to upload my picture on Instagram sometimes it looks like a two year old has taken it on a toy camera. Slight exaggeration, but frustrating to say the least when so much effort has gone into the photography.

I think from now on I will post selected images on here more frequently so you can see the clear, crisp image instead of a pixelated version of my styled work. People may not even notice it but the obsessive bitch in me will feel much better about the situation haha.

Thanks for listening to me be irate and feel free to rant with me below in the comments section xx



Published by

Tarina Wood

Just an ordinary, creative girl who is interior obsessed and crazy about her little family.

6 thoughts on “Instagram Resolution Rant

  1. I love your all your stunning images on Instagram and never detected any flaws in the quality of the photos. It’s good to know though that I’ll be able to see them here too now because I can just look at your photos all day 🙂 Love your work, Tarina xox #MyKindOfEyeCandy


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