Styling with Candles (including tips)


Hello, my name is Tarina and I’m a self proclaimed candle hoarder. One of my many home decor weaknesses are candles… I have them everywhere! Actually, when I think about it I’m pretty certain I have a candle in almost every room of my home. I have so many that I resorted to storing them in the pantry until our food started tasting like one of the many fragrances I had in there. I recently discovered sister duo Jodie and Steph who are the talents behind Bay Clothing and Homewares . Jodie makes the divine granite and concrete casings, while Steph hand pours the most delicious soy wax candles. When I say ‘delicious’ I mean they smell amazing… I haven’t tasted them (and I recommend you don’t either lol) but the Fig and Melon scent is out of this world!

Smell is one of the first things someone notices when they walk into your home so it is important for me to have a clean, yummy smelling home.

I only burn one of their candles at a time and find it is strong enough to fragrance the whole house without giving you a headache like some other brands do. Yes, the featured candles are not burnt because I am slightly OCD about my images, but I assure you I have a third one that is burnt within it’s last hours haha.


Below are some styling tips and why I tend to use candles a lot when composing vignettes around my home:

  1. Height Variation- This is probably the “rule” I follow the closet and you’ll find a lot of the below tips refer back to this one. I find candles are perfect for creating height variations when pairing with vases and fresh flowers. When I need something small and dainty to complete the look, a small candle is usually always my go to decor item. You can also elevate objects by placing them on a stack of magazines or books to get the desired height. When styling any area of the home, you want to achieve a flowing structure, for example in the kitchen image below notice how the pieces graduate from high on the right-hand-side to low on the left? It allows the eye to wander around the image in a manipulated yet curated way.
  2. Odd works best- When styling vignettes I generally stick to 3 or 5 homewares rather than evens of 2 and 4. I find that having an odd number is visually more appealing and when styled correctly using the above ‘height variation’ tip, it creates a flowing and proportioned image.
  3. Texture- Texture is so important in all interior design elements and this is one of the reasons why I love the Bay Clothing and Homewares granite candle bowls. They have a divine rough surface which looks unified when paired with softer textures eg ceramics, glass, foliage, marble etc… When composing a vignette, take into consideration the varying textures you are working with. For example, the above image- I am using a flat foundation being the white table which compliments the smooth surface of both the vase and Menu Grinders. I have used the Granite Candle bowl, sheepskin (in the background) and textured floral bouquet to create a contrast between the soft textures in this image. Oh, notice how all the textured elements are separated and form that ‘height variation’ thing I was banging on about before? It flows right lol?
  4. Colour- It is vital that you style your home and vignettes with colour in mind. Even when working with a monochrome home, there are a tonne of different whites and greys to be mindful of. When styling a vignette, choose decor items with complimenting colours and tones that tie back with each other for example. Kitchen image below- The grinder and candle both compliment the splash back where the apricot roses tie back with the wooden boards. Top Image- The candle compliments the book where the white hydrangeas work with the surrounding white space. It may seem like an obvious tip but it really does make the world of difference when carefully thought about.
  5. Create Depth- Don’t place everything in a straight line. Use a triangular shape to arrange decor especially when working with odd numbers. Place things in the background to compliment not obstruct, even if it is slightly out of focus. For example, I moved the dining chair with the sheepskin slightly in-frame for the above shot because I wanted to get some depth in the background that complimented the colour tones of the candle bowl and vase. Even though it is out of focus it finishes the image nicely- without that placement, the photo would have been unbalanced and would have had an overwhelming negative space to the left of frame.


Oh dear this has become super long so I’ll leave you with one relevant photography tip and I’ll make a separate blog post in the coming weeks with some helpful photography pointers.

Photography Tip- When photographing a styled area you will find separating each decor item a little bit will work wonders. Remember photographs are 2 dimensional images of a 3 dimensional space so what looks amazing in real life will sometimes look cluttered or overcrowded in an image. If the photograph looks cramped or obstructive the eye cannot focus on each element of the image and therefore creates an unappealing piccie… This brings back so many memories of all my looooong PhotoMedia Uni lectures *sigh*


Jodie and Steph would like to extend an offer to all my lovely followers on instagram and my blog of 10% off their entire candle range until the 15th of June. Please feel free to use the code word OH10OFF at their checkout to receive your discount. The Maxi Tealight Bowl retails for only $20 and has a 15hour burn time. The Soy Candle Bowl is $30 and has a huge 40 hour burn time.

If you’re after my recommendation the Fig and Melon has got to be my favourite, followed closely by the Avocado and Mint, then the Grapefruit and Lime.

They’re all divine but you’ll have to see for yourself JUST how amazing they are here.

Lastly I would love to know what you thought about my pointers and whether you think you will find them useful when styling your own home.

Much Love,

T xx





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10 thoughts on “Styling with Candles (including tips)

  1. Great tips! I think number 2 was the first thing I was taught as a stylist.
    I would love to read a follow up about photography. And which settings you adjust etc in photoshop which is where i struggle!


  2. Love your work and home. The tips are great too. My only critique would be the lamp cord, I would’ve trailed it down the leg, under the curtain and along the skirting board to blend in with the paint colour. Other than that, faultless as always. 😀


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Shelley! In display home and client projects I do that but for a “lived in” home I don’t bother haha. Have a lovely Sunday ❤️


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