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I have so many beautiful products waiting to go into my new study room. I say ‘waiting’ because we haven’t even begun to clear out all the junk and start painting etc.. It’s so embarrassing that I never take photos of it but at least that makes for a great before and after image right?

Well today I set up my spare desk in our dining room nook and will show you what I intend to put in there to make my new office space look amazing and CLEANNN! Maybe I’ll keep this setup for a while as well so I know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

First of all is my divine Simply Round Mirror from Luum in Pink Dust colour- $295-

Although I have an Apple I Mac, this Neue Blvd Marble Hard Case also comes in super handy to keep our laptop safe- $65-

Everyone needs Marble Coasters from Behr and Co for any room of the house- $49.95-

A Nor Folk Perpetual Type Calendar so you can keep track of the days- £25.00


Normann Copenhagen Pocket Organisers are useful for any type of small storage and are a must have for your Scandinavian work space- $24-

The CR Concrete Pen Holder is such a stylish and minimal way to house pens-

I love using coffee table books to create levels of visual dimension in almost all vignettes I take.


This gorgeous Pink Glass Vase is from Target and was an absolute bargain! I picked it up in-store for $10-

This Clay Faceted Bowl from Miss Kelly Made in Tasmania is perfect to house paper clips or jewellery. I don’t like wearing my rings when typing a lot because my fingers swell quickly- $34.95-

Lastly some stunning blooms from my fave florist Lee at FloralState- $65-

I can’t wait to show you all the other items I have to go in our new work space but for now I need to sort through all the junk.

Happy Sunday everyone xx

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Tarina Wood

Just an ordinary, creative girl who is interior obsessed and crazy about her little family.

7 thoughts on “Office Essentials

  1. LOVE your work space 😍 I’m starting on mine very shortly and this gives me some wonderful inspo 🙌🏻 Where abouts is your trestle desk from? I’m on the hunt for one, how do you go with not having any draws?


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